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Kelly Ripa poses with Lola Grace

Kelly Ripa's Daughter Lola Stuns In Rare Bathroom Selfie

Gettyimages | Mark Sagliocco
By Rebecca Cukier

Instagram updates from Kelly Ripa's daughter aren't a regular deal. Lola Grace Consuelos' social media was on full lockdown until last year – anyone wishing to see the 18-year-old's content had to follow (and have their request accepted).

Lola's Instagram is now public, and she's posted a rare and stunning selfie.

Lola's photo showed her in her bathroom, self-snapping herself standing up. The photo itself was delivered with a sideways finish, but Lola's fans didn't need to cock their heads to see that she's a beauty.

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Leather Pants And A Gorgeous Face

Lola Grace takes a selfie
Lola Consuelos/Instagram

Lola was posing in a stylish outfit. She wore a high-waisted pair of black leather pants with piped detailing and a metallic zip, also rocking a thin white cardigan over a black top matching her pants.

Lola posed with a gaze that was somewhat captivating. The NYU student was looking deep into her phone with a slight side-eye, also showing off her gorgeous face. Lola wore a full face of makeup with warming blush, bronzer, and a little brow definition. Her long brown hair was worn down.

"She's back" was all Lola wrote to caption her photo.

'Slay That...' – Fans Are In Love

Lola Grace poses with her boyfriend
Lola Consuelos/Instagram

Lola's post has been racking up likes – and fast. The teen's update managed to clock an impressive 12,500+ likes in 12 hours – not bad for an account with only 196,000 followers.

Fan comments poured in.

"Gorgeous," one fan wrote.

"Slay that," another said.

"You look So beautiful. Such a pretty young woman. Hope college is everything and you are happy" was another comment.

Of course, comments did come in likening Lola to "Live!" host mom Kelly.

"You look like your Mama!" one fan told Lola.

Kelly 'Shut Down' Her Debit Card – Pricey Postmates Salads

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet with Lola
Gettyimages | Bobby Bank

Lola made headlines earlier this year after mom Kelly revealed that she and husband Mark Consuelos had put a block on Lola's debit card. Kelly spoke on "Live!" explaining that Lola was ordering super-pricey Postmates orders while studying at NYU.

“I didn’t know our daughter had Postmates,” Kelly told co-host Ryan Seacrest. “She’s at college and we signed her up for a meal plan, cause we’re not monsters. We signed her up for a meal program.”

Lola "doesn’t like the meals at school so she was ordering Postmates. Here’s what would happen. She would order the $7 salad but it would cost $25 dollars to have it delivered three blocks in New York City.”

“Oh we shut down that debit card account she had," Kelly added.

Lola Could Easily Land A Singing Career – That Video

Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, and Lola Grace on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Mark Sagliocco

Celebrity kids might have it easy these days, but Lola doesn't seem to have had her famous parents landing her a showbiz career. Lola is just a regular NYU student, but she does have what it takes to make it in music.

December 2019 saw Lola reveal that she can sing. The teen's bathroom video didn't show her face, but it definitely showed off those chops – check it out here.

Kelly and husband Mark are also parents to two boys named Joaquin and Michael.

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