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Remember When Ashton Kutcher Was On 'Two and a Half Men'

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By Carol Cassada

Ashton Kutcher's career as a television star has helped him achieve success.

Of course, he started out on the hit Fox sitcom "That '70s Show," which helped make Kutcher and the rest of the cast famous.

Currently, Kutcher is starring on the final season of The Netflix series The Ranch.

Between those two shows, Kutcher starred on Two and a Half Men.

Kutcher joined the cast of the hit CBS series in the fall of 2011, after Charlie Sheen had his infamous breakdown. Kutcher's character was Walden Schmidt, who received mixed reactions from fans. Despite the criticism towards his character, Kutcher stayed on with the show, which ended in February 2015.

So let's take a look back at the character Walden Schmidt.

Walden's debut

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Walden Schmidt made his debut on Two and a Half Men on September 19, 2011.

Walden's character is introduced when he shows up on the deck of the late Charlie Harper's house. Charlie's brother Alan is startled by Walden's appearance but lets him into the house.

After chatting with Walden, Alan learns that the young man is a billionaire. Walden is going through a divorce and planned on killing himself by drowning in the ocean.

Walden eventually changes his mind, and he buys the Malibu beach house from Alan. Even though Alan plans to move out, Walden eventually agrees to let him stay.

Throughout the series, Walden and Alan's friendship grows, although the two men do have their bickering moments.

His career

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Walden is a billionaire, who made his fortune by creating an internet company.

Throughout the series Walden's career and his net worth was often mentioned. Walden had to face work issues such as his mother and ex-wife trying to drive him out of his own company. In another episode, Walden hires Alan's son Jake to work for him, which doesn't go over so well.

Walden loves to spend money. Aside from the beach house, he also has expensive cards and a private jet, which he often uses to take women on dates.

His love life

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When we're first introduced to Walden, fans learned he was going through a divorce with his wife Bridget, played by Judy Greer.

Walden and Bridget were high-school sweethearts and married when Walden was just starting his career. After several years of marriage, Bridget decides to file for divorce, which upsets Walden.

The reason for their marriage ending had to do with Walden's childlike attitude, and Bridget's controlling behavior.

Despite attempts at reconciliation, Walden and Bridget never get back together, but remain friends.

Walden's first relationship following his divorce was with a British woman named Zoey. Walden falls in love with Zoey and plans to marry her and be a stepfather to her daughter Ava. However, when Walden proposes, Zoey informs him she's in love with another man.

Walden would go on to have many relationships throughout the show, including one with Charlie's ex Rose. Walden ignores Alan's advice that Rose is crazy, but when he tries to break up with her, he realizes that Alan was right.

His children

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Early in his debut, Walden expressed his desire to have kids. He wanted to start a family with Bridget, who refused because she thought Walden was too much of a child himself.

During the final season of Two and a Half Men, Walden suffers a heart attack, which causes him to put his life in perspective.

Realizing he wants to be a father, Walden decided to adopt. He even gets Alan in on his plan by marrying him in hopes that it'll increase their adoption chances.

The two adopt a young boy named Louis, who has been bounced around from foster homes.

At first, Louis is hesitant about staying with Walden and Alan. But eventually the boy comes around and forms a bond with his new parents.

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