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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Enviable Pantry

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Jennifer Passmore

We all love a good cleanup. With spring on its way, this is the perfect time to tidy up around our homes. That is exactly what Chrissy Teigen did with her pantry. She shared a photo of her beautifully organized pantry with her followers on her Instagram account on February 3rd. Quoting the post, she said, "neat freaks, swipe for an organizational orgasm. Thank you, @riorganize!!!" Her post got over one million likes. That must be a lot of neat freaks.

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A Truly Beautiful Pantry

Organized Pantry
Unsplash | Martin Lostak

Fans went crazy over how beautiful Teigen's pantry looked. With everything lined up so nice and neatly. So many jams and jellies, all kinds of snacks that would be great to munch on in the middle of the night. Oh, and the way those Campbell's soup cans are looking pretty darn gorgeous back there. And we can have a delicious breakfast with all of the different varieties of cereal that we see in Teigen's pantry. It makes us want to organize our own pantries.

Did You See That Hot Sauce Though?

Hot Sauces
Gettyimages | Dejan Markovic

There was a special part of Teigen's pantry. It was a carousel filled with hot sauces. All varieties and kinds of them. They were organized so lovingly onto a lazy susan, so she can just spin them around and choose which one that she wants. She is an admitted hot sauce lover, saying, "I travel with mini Cholulas, mini Sirachas, and mini Samba Oeleks, you can get like 500 on Amazon for like eight bucks. So I have a handful of each."

She Is No Stranger To Food

A Cutting Board With Vegetables
Unsplash | Katie Smith

Teigen runs her very own website called Cravings By Chrissy Teigen, where she regularly shares recipes, photos, and delicious eats from her travels. She is a bestselling cookbook author and loves anything and everything about food, from cooking it to enjoying it. Now that she has prepped her pantry into organizational oblivion, we can probably expect to see a whole slew of amazing recipes coming from her now. Not that we mind or anything like that. By all means, keep the food porn coming.

What Is Riorganize?

Unsplash | STIL

Teigen used Riorganize, specializing in modern organization solutions. The company is owned by Ria Safford. Along with her team, she visits those who request her services and basically is like a fairy godmother. Its almost as if she waves a magic wand and presto - a beautifully organized pantry that everyone can be envious of. Not only does she organize pantries, but she organizes closets, too, so that collection of 50 mismatched shoes will be gone within a day or two.

Woman Organizing A Pantry
Gettyimages | Valeriy_G

Chrissy's post has definitely given us all the cleaning bug. She has inspired us to look into our very own pantries. Now is definitely the time to rip out all of the old cereal boxes sitting in the back of our pantries and get to color coding and alphabetizing the soups. Her pantry is #GOALS and we are here for it! Let's get to busting out the label maker so we can put everything in its proper place! Let's go!

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