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Fans Are Wondering if Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were Both Lip Syncing

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Ben Robinson III

To say that the Super Bowl Half Time show featuring international superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira was electrifying is one hell of an understatement. It was entertaining, seamless and overall fun to watch. And many people have been offering their words of praise for the mini-concert featuring the two lovely ladies as they entirely brought the house down. Some even wondered "Wait, is this the Super Bowl or the J.Lo/Shakira concert?" One thing's for sure, it will go down in history as one of the best halftime shows in Super Bowl history.

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And of course with every triumph comes controversy, as people are now beginning to suspect that the show may have had one thing going for it that nobody thought would happen; lip-syncing. Now, it would stand to reason that the two ladies may have decided to lip-sync since their performance included so much dancing and moving around. Who can be concerned with perfect vocals when you have to pretty much do an entire set from your regular show in an abbreviated amount of time?

But as you know people love to speculate and comment on everything, with the show being no different. Prior to their epic performance many took to Twitter to discuss exactly what would happen when J. Lo hit the stage. In the past week she's come under fire when it was revealed that a few of her biggest songs were performed by other artists. During the performance one Twitter user typed "Girl! NO! J.Lo can’t even properly lip sync! So many times where she was “singing” into the air. The mic no where near her."

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

Distractify reports that there was an old interview from 2003 that cleared up the lip-syncing confusion that makes perfect sense.

Jim Steeg, who worked on the Super Bowl production team for more than 20 years, said back in 2003 that there are “a lot of problems if you are singing live at the Super Bowl [...] You also have problems with echo in a stadium... And you get a lot of talent that may have played to big crowds before, but nothing like this."

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For this reason, halftime performers typically sing along with a pre-recorded vocal track. However, they’re still actually singing — it’s usually up to the performers how much of the live vocals they actually want to feature in the show.

Hopefully, this will clear up this debate as well as all future debates when it comes to whether or not artists lip-sync during their Super Bowl performances. Because being the Half Time act is a huge accomplishment, and the feat of that achievement should never be taken away from any artist.

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