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Kailyn Lowry poses while seated

Kailyn Lowry Trashed For 4th Pregnancy With 'Different Men' – Response Is Literal Fire

Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kailyn Lowry is getting trashed by her fans. The "Teen Mom 2" star made major headlines on Tuesday for officially confirming that she's pregnant with baby #4 – Kailyn took to Instagram with a photo of herself and three sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux, also showing ultrasound photos.

Kailyn is 16 weeks pregnant. While early responses to the 27-year-old's update brought out congratulations, things seem to have taken a sour turn. Comments pointing out that Kailyn has three different baby daddies have been racking up likes – and they seem to have forced Kailyn to clap back.

Check out what people are saying below.

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Dubbed A Failure: 'Can We See Something Else You Accomplished?'

Kailyn Lowry with sons in pregnancy announcement
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

The 20,000+ comments left in five hours largely brought out praise, but the likes left to slamming remarks have been rising.

"My god when will you stop?" a fan wrote.

The comment received over 700 likes – and a reply from Kailyn.

"When I feel like it," she clapped back.

Over 570 users liked the following comment.

"Can we see something else you accomplished over these years other than making babies with different men 🙄"

Once again, Kailyn fired back.

"Sure! @potheadhaircare @coffeeconvospodcast and multiple books. A bachelor's degree, heading to law school, should I keep going? I'll wait for your list of accomplishments."

The Fiery Clap-Back Gets Noticed

Kailyn Lowry poses in a jumpsuit
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn's responses didn't go unnoticed. Her reply listing her various accomplishments racked up a staggering 4,900+ likes in three hours, also bringing in a massive fan response.

"@kaillowry you are a grown *ssed woman who has accomplished so much and overcome so many obstacles that all these rude *ss comments and these haters need to step back and check themselves!!! They must be so unhappy in their life that commenting on your life makes them feel superior! I wish you nothing but happiness and so much love! As long as the boys are happy and excited for a new little one don't worry about what anyone else says!" one fan wrote.

"@kaillowry best reply I’ve ever read! Yesssss. High five for educated mommas 👏👏👏" another added.

And It Keeps Going

Kailyn Lowry with her sons on vacation
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

One of the most-liked comments queried just why Kailyn would want a fourth child. The star has not revealed the identity of her latest baby daddy.

"That's so crazy. Why on earth would she want another kid" was a comment clocking over 310 likes in three hours.

"Probably the same reason you commented here. Because I want to and I can," the star wittly replied.

Elsewhere, congratulations poured in. Many fans hoped that Kailyn would have a girl after her three boys.

Kailyn also confirmed plans for a home birth in the comments section.

Three Babies From Three Different Men

Kailyn Lowry with sons in Hawaii
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn's three sons all have different baby daddies. Chris Lopez was the last one, with Kailyn herself having flat-out stated that were a fourth baby to come, she'd want Chris as the dad.

"Ideally, I would have liked Chris to be the father of my next child," she told Us Weekly in 2019, adding:

“Before I got pregnant with Lux and had multiple miscarriages, my doctor told me I should be thankful that I have two healthy boys and what’s meant to be will be. I kind of have that perspective now. In my book, I said that Lux will probably be my last child. I would definitely have more, but I also know that my life isn’t really set up for another right now."

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