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Mo' Nique Calls Oprah Out In Public Letter

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By kenadijiba

Some may say a triple whammy of being a woman, being black, and living in a plus-size body has to be a hard existence. Someone who wears these perceived struggles as privileges is the iconic comedian Monique. Her trials through issues with Tyler Perry, and Netflix have kept her in a negative spotlight. After memorable moments from “The Breakfast Club '' and her own YouTube channel, Monique still isn't backing down. Just today she released an open letter to living legend Oprah Winfrey with a handful of criticisms.

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The Curse Of The Oscar Win

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The backlash that rained on Monique like daggers has since calmed down. Many people have run to her defense and understand her disdain for the way the entertainment industry has shut her out. What is worth noting is that even after winning an Oscar which is the supposed highest honor an actress can receive, Monique went away. Her presence on most of our television screens was no more and she was painted as a problem. When she went on “The Breakfast Club '' and addressed why she was shunned from Hollywood some great points were made by her, and against her.

The Breakfast Club

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A statement that Charlamagne Tha God made to her and continues to make to this day when discussing her open letter to Oprah, is that she always finds someone else to blame. If Netflix was not offering enough money then why doesn't she find some other company to back her? Or possibly do it on her own. The counter argument to that is why should she have to. Comedians like Amy Schumer who has only been in the game a fraction for how long Monique has got an offer that made what Monique was presented with look pitiful.

Comparison's Made

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As an Oscar award recipient shouldn't you be in another stratosphere concerning influence and respectability. With Al Pacino and Robert Deniro there is an automatic prestige attached to their titles. People would gasp in shock if either was paid below what they are deserving of. Why is Monqiue not afforded that luxury? To change the direction of this discussion Oprah has been called out by Monique once again. When you think Oprah there is this air of success and an inner smile of awe. She is everything a lot of people wish to be. But as unproblematic we wish her to be Oprah in Moniques eyes has made unforgivable mistakes.

Playing Devil's Advocate

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In a no holds bar letter released today Monique questioned Oprah's motives in calling out the deceased “King Of Pop '' Michael Jackson over allegations that have already been tried, and absolved him of all guilt. In a court of law Jackson has been found innocent so why drag his name through the mud once again. Oprah also was hit by the train of her quietness over Harvey Weinstein's debacle. Monique put into a shiny perspective the hypocrisy in Oprah creating entire documentaries to destroy people like Michael Jackson, and Russell Simmons but hasn't let out a peep on her good friend Weinstein.

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