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Diddy's Speech Causes Controversy

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By kenadijiba

When P. Diddy was honored at a Grammy’s get together he decided to do an off the scripted speech that held great points but pointed out his own blindingly bright hypocrisies. Ironically when most people sit on a high horse they get knocked down soon thereafter. If you are going to call out an industry for certain injustices you must be sure that you’ve not benefited off those same policies. P. Diddy needs to hire someone new in his camp to call him out early before the world does.

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Selective Outrage


A common theme every three to five years is general outrage over some self-serving awards show. Actresses, and actors, as well as singers and screenwriters, come out of the woodworks with choice words for these shows that seem to leave them out of nominations without care. What is a bit baffling is the idea that average Joe’s should be in an uproar over these rich people's problems. There are at this time more dire issues to be worrying about.

The Working Man

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Does P. Diddy actually believe that Sally who works two minimum-wage jobs to keep the lights on for her four hungry kids is going to find some reason to defend or defame the Grammys? What would be the benefit to her? Now, if we scratch out that scenario and just realize that these issues are to be dealt with inside of the Hollywood bubble then it still is a bit of a delusional problem. These awards at the end of the day aren't the end all be all.

Losing Significance

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Possibly ten to twenty years ago the significance of a Grammy or an Oscar was held to another level. People actually found validation in hearing their names called and finally being recognized by the Academy. But now with the power of social media looming over our heads people can go right to the source to feel appreciated. Access to those who love your films or music is enough. What will a golden statue really change in your life? Maybe your ego will be boosted for a good week and then you’ll realize by walking down the street that nobody is going to suck up to you.

Finding Validation Elsewhere

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As for the questions concerning the disregard of diversity and not acknowledging the effects of black culture on the industry. This is nothing new to any of these organizations and for musicians or actors who continue to put themselves on the line to be embarrassed, that is your prerogative. For many people who gain traction in being popular and famous seem to with a swiftness forget where they came from. They don't acknowledge the places where they are welcomed. For example, big stars like Travis Scott will make an appearance at the Grammys when nominated but won't show up at “The BET” awards. When you stop seeking applause from people who don't respect you, life will be a lot easier.

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