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Is Zendaya In Love?

Gettyimages | Kristy Sparow
By kenadijiba

Meek along with being known for her gracefulness, Zendaya is officially America’s crowned sweetheart. Her desire to maintain a private life and keep her work professional is what had separated so drastically from her at times obnoxious counterparts. But, maybe with the right man at her side Zendaya cannot help but feel the effects of love wholeheartedly. Everyone on Twitter has been dying to know the details of how Jacob Elordi got Zendaya to be so careless publicly about their romance.

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Private Love Life


If you flip through the dusty history books of dating relationships in Hollywood you would lose your mind trying to find the “tea” on Zendaya and her past affairs. The only man who we have some type of knowledge on is her co star from the acclaimed film `Spiderman”. Tom Holland popped out on the scene not too long ago and immediately found a fanbase that will ride for him like no other. If one person even slightly throws shade Tom’s way, they are gonna be hit back with a whole entire tree. Could that have been a reason why Zendaya kept their union in the shadows?

The Hardships Of Dating A Heartthrob

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As a woman it can be hard being the partner of a man who has the heart throb label thrust upon them. Why? Well, like a mother who is obsessed with their son the fans of these men most of the time will never give their stamp of validation on any woman. Basically nobody will be good enough for them in the eyes of their adoring fans, so that hurdle can be hard to jump through. Ironically it doesn't even matter if you are a famous, successful, and beautiful actress ethier.

Did She Find The One?

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Still that doesn't make too much sense when analyzing Tom Holland and Zendaya’s time together. It could be that Jacob Elordi is the right one. The smile she has when she is around him could make a stone-cold gangster shed a tear. She looks genuinely at peace and more ethereal than ever. Maybe with Tom, the spark was not there. If so let’s all make a united prayer circle and hope that Tom doesn't have a panic attack while accidentally scrolling through these photos.

How Will "Euphoria" Be Affected?

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The reaction to Zendaya’s change of heart has the public in full support. Through Twitter there were constant posts of praise being thrown Elordi’s way for making Zendaya so blissful. Since Zendaya is being swept off her feet what are the chances she will bless us all with a chessy Instagram moment with her and Jacob? Still pretty low is the assumed answer but still we can all dream. With them being costars on Euphoria how will this affect the show? If drama erupts on the set there will be an angry mob unleashed on social media. Euphorias dynamic storyline must be protected at all costs.

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