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Donald Trump Is Facing Backlash after Alice Marie Johnson Super Bowl Ad Ignoring Kim Kardashian

By Ben Robinson III

It's no secret that the past three years of Donald Trump's time in office (which future generations may or may not refer to as the Blunder Years) has been marked with many controversies, and each one is just as ridiculous as the one which preceded it. If you need proof, take a look at his track record. Most of the people surrounding him have been steadily entering and exiting through the invisible revolving door of his administration. Even one of his former staffers, reality star Omarosa, revealed that everyone needs to be terrified of him during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

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The revelation only solidified what we as Americans already knew; Trump is one bad hombre. And since that shocking clip there have been many more instances involving Trump that make us all let out at least one huge sigh of disappointment every day. One area where he's been very lax is with social justice reform, primarily because he has no real inkling for what it means to be human. Need proof? Have you ever watched him interact with people? It's like watching Alec Baldwin portray him in an SNL skit.

Though it may be cathartic to laugh at his antics his politics are no laughing matter. And where he drops the ball others like to pick it up and keep going for future generations. One of those people, beauty entrepreneur/selfie queen Kim Kardashian, recently revealed her plans on becoming a lawyer, and in doing so she began trying to free wrongly accused prisoners at her attempt at prison reform. One person she successfully aided in becoming a free woman was Alice Marie Johnson.

Gettyimages | MANDEL NGAN

Johnson was convicted on a lengthy amount of charges including money laundering and drug trafficking, for which she was handed a life sentence. During her time in prison, she became a model inmate and petitions began circulating for her release. Once Kardashian became involved eventually Johnson's case made it to the Oval Office, where she was subsequently released soon after. Her story is one of triumph, however, according to The Daily Beast, Trump is attempting to make Johnson's story a point of reference for his upcoming bid for a second term. He's taking full credit and leaving Kardashian completely out of the narrative.

President Trump granted clemency to Johnson a week after West pleaded her case during the 2018 Oval Office meeting. “Thanks to President Trump, people like Alice are getting a second chance,” Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign commercial reads. “Politicians talk about criminal justice reform. President Trump got it done. Thousands of families are being reunited.”

Of course, Twitter was having none of this brainwashing and immediately responded. One user commented directly to Johnson's tweet saying "I'm glad you're free but I wish you hadn't been used as a pawn. If he was sincere he would have freed so many other people of color who are in very similar positions as you" with another stating "Now we know why Donald Trump got Alice Johnson out of prison: so he could run a Super Bowl commercial about it and pander to Black people leading up to his re-election.".

Will this help or hurt his efforts? Only time will tell.

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