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Ashton Kutcher Is Still Daddy Goals! Find Out Why

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore once had bad blood between them, but it seems like things have recently smoothed out between them. You will probably be shocked to hear they the duo are finding common ground these days, but let’s take you on a recap to how they used to be after their divorce.

Demi Moore releases her memoir titled “Inside Out,” and in it, she lashed out at Kutcher and accused him of several wrongdoings. This game as a shock to fans but they had broken up, so it was expected.

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Demi Moore looks fiercely gorgeous in a black, with her brunette curly hair styled to cover one part of her face.
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According to the American actress and film producer, Kutcher was not only a bad influence during their marriage, he also encouraged her to do some bad things. She mentioned that he encouraged her to start drinking, which resulted in her having a miscarriage. She also said some things about cheating and threesomes which destroyed their marriage.

All these details about their failed marriage have fans a clear vision of how Kutcher and Demi Moore are not in any way friends. However, they exist in the same world, so. They might as well deal with it.

Aston Kutcher seems to be aging backwards in this photo, as he looks breath-taking.
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Kutcher revealing the current state oof relationship with his ex did not come off as a shock to anyone.

“We don’t hang out.” He said

Uhhh... we know that already.

Although Kutcher and Moore are going through a rough patch now, that does not stop Kutcher from being close to Moore’s children. According to the actor, he has always stayed in touch with them because they are a part of his life as he helped raise them when he was still married to Moore.

Ashton Kutcher and now ex-wife, Demi Moore look like a hot couple on a red carpet as they stun in a black suit and dress for the occasion.
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It may sound or look weird, but Kutcher is the true daddy goals and we are not taking that away from him. Moore had three beautiful daughters from another marriage when she met Kutcher, and the actor accepted them with a good heart. It is difficult to imagine Kutcher in his 20s being a step-father to Rumer Willis, Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis, but it is what it is.

Kutcher has accepted that he and Moore cannot be pals, but he will always make conscious effort to remain in her daughters’ lives.

Aston Kutcher looks funny and gorgeous in this mustache and  a well-tailored suit.
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Presently, Kutcher is married to Mila Kunitz and the duo have been goi g strong for almost five beautiful years. They also have two gorgeous kids and have made efforts to keep their personal lives private. Kinks and Kutcher make great parents and they once revealed that they do not want to raise spoiled kids, therefore, their kids would not be living like they have rich parents all the time.

This may come as a shock to you because most celebrities spoil their kids with the beautiful things of life, but not Kutcher and definitely not Kunle, who is reportedly the strict parent.

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