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Shannen Doherty looks amazing in a casual blouse with good designs at the front.

Shannen Doherty Gets Emotional While Announcing Her Cancer Is Back & In Stage 4

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Shannen Doherty recently broke out hearts on “Good Morning America” when she revealed that she now has stage 4 breast cancer. The emotional interview was not only heart-breaking for the audience, but for the host of the show.

The actress has secretly been dealing with breast cancer and sometime ago, she thought she was out of the woods. Unfortunately, the cancer came back and this time, it is aggressive, hence the actress breaking down in tears as she spoke on National television.

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Sometimes, dealing with personal problems and not being able to talk to people about it is one of the worst feelings on earth. It would feel like the world is weighing down on you and Doherty has been strong for a long time.

According to the actress, the sickness came back about a year ago, but she did not want to quit her life for it. Therefore, she continued filming “BH90210” although she struggled everyday.

Speaking about her feelings, the actress mentioned that she was yet to process the fact that she was going through that ordeal all over again.

Shannen Doherty is caught on camera wearing a v-shaped black dress, as she speaks to an interviewer.
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Sometimes, she would feel weak and start asking rhetorical question and other times, she would feel strong enough to continue carrying on. Dealing with stage 4 cancer and having to show to the whole world that you are fan is not an easy thing to do. Many people are in the action t world, but very few people can act like nothing is happening to them even when they know that it is not true.

Doherty has been strong for a year now and no doubt, she will remain that way for as long as the cancer lasts.

Shannen Doherty and her a amazing co-stars from “BH90210” in a family portrait photography and they all look amazing.
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Doherty revealed that she found out her cancer was back after the death of Luke Perry. She said that in that moment, she was confused because someone who was more healthy than she was, had passed away and it made her think. She also said that this reality pushed her to continue living her life and filming “BH90210” even though she was very sick.

Sometimes, people need to assure themselves that everything g will be fine and know that life is too short to be sad or regretful.

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Doherty was really hurt by Luke Perry’s date and she mentioned that going back to the series was the little way she could honor him.

While she in set, Doherty became very close to her co-star, Brian Austin Gren and she told him about her health issues. The interview was too emotional and sometimes, Doherty tried to keep herself from crying. According to her, one of her biggest fears since the diagnosis is that she has no idea how her husband and mother would cope if anything happens to her.

Shannen Doherty, please be strong and keep fighting.

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