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Jason Momoa

'The Game of Thrones' Actor Who Almost Played Khal Drogo's Role Instead of Jason Momoa

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS
By Alan Blake

The casting of the ‘Game of Thrones’ may seem perfect, with the film taking a rear mirror view but still an iconic part in television history. However, you may not have probably realized the twists when it came to casting with some cast members taking different roles in the same film.

Khal Drogo was possibly the hardest character to play, and it is obvious why Jason Momoa became the best player for it. However, he landed the role after a series of auditions.

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Conan Stevens Had Auditioned to Play Khal Drogo’s Role

Jason Momoa playing Khal Drogo character
Gettyimages | NBC

GoT fans probably remember the minor characters who take the sideline roles in the development of the film’s plot, and one of such characters is Gregor Clegane, or rather ‘The Mountain.’ In this role, Conan only appears occasionally, although it is noteworthy that he got the part after auditioning for Khal.

He was way far from the first person who auditioned for the role but did not meet the criterion that was required for the Khal role. After the first season, Stevens was later cast twice in the film’s run.

How Momoa Won the Khal Drogo Role in The Game of Thrones

D.B Weiss and David Benioff
Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz

D.B Weiss and David Benioff are the creators of the film and ran into trouble while finding the ideal person for Khal Drogo role. A couple of actors had been auditioned, although none of them seemed to represent the fierce warlord they sought.

The creators finally landed on a fan-casting site, where people suggested Momoa was suitable for the role. His appearance made the creators consider him for an audition, even though he had only been on shows that were not familiar to them.

Momoa Dances His Way into the Acting Profession

Jason Momoa
Gettyimages | Chris Hyde

The ‘Aquaman’ star did not have many lines, which made the auditions somewhat a challenge. He was tasked with playing the ceremonial dance ‘haka,’ which serves to welcome visitors or challenge opponents. The lad played it so perfectly that the creators had to ask him to do it again to have it on record.

He played the role which involved directing a tribe of wild forms that rode past the free cities. They were all skilled soldiers and showed no kindness to a stranger.

Jason Momoa Acted on Soap Opera

Jason Momoa playing Khal Drogo's role
Gettyimages | NBC

From the book’s descriptions, Khal Drogo was to be a fierce character and a warlord who was always triumphant in his battles. As such, finding the right actor for the descriptions was not an easy task. They probably must have had to peruse through the A-list of actors in the industry. However, Momoa went against all the odds, having been only in a couple of shows and soap operas. He managed to impress the creators and later proved to be the best they would have ever gotten.

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