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Rush Limbaugh's Cancer Diagnosis Sparks Message Of Support From Donald Trump

Gettyimages | JIM WATSON
By Clark Sparky

Prominent conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh made the shocking announcement to his listeners on Monday that he is suffering from advanced lung cancer. He said during the program that he first knew something was wrong during his birthday weekend on January 12, and on January 20th it was confirmed that he has the disease.

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"I wish I didn't have to tell you this, and I thought about not trying to tell anybody, I thought about trying to do this without anybody knowing, because I don't like making things about me... there are going to be days that I'm not going to be able to be here, because I will be undergoing treatment, or I'm reacting to treatment," he said.

"My intention is to come here everyday I can and to do this program as normally and as competently and as expertly as I do each and every day, because that is the source of my greatest satisfaction," Limbaugh added.

Shortly after the news broke, President Donald Trump, who Limbaugh has strongly supported, tweeted his thoughts.

"Many people do not know what a great guy & fantastic political talent the great Rush Limbaugh is. There is nobody like him. Looking for a speedy recovery for our friend!" he wrote, and links to a Washington Examiner article about Limbaugh's diagnosis.

Fellow conservatives flocked to the mentions to share their feelings.

"Amen, President Trump. Rush is a warrior patriot who paved the way for other patriots to speak up. He’s inspired generations & made it possible for the People to find our voices & CHOOSE a President who would lead us out of the darkness of leftism," one said. "God bless and heal Rush."

"Good bless #Rush Limbaugh. The conservative movement owes him a lot. I am praying for his swift recovery. God bless him, and God bless our @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. Amen," another said.

"I have listened to him from day one, He changed my life, I owe a lot to God by way of this messenger, Hearing this news it hit me as hard as if it were a biological family Member, Praying to the Lord God to let us borrow him for a while more, even if only sometimes, Amen," a third added.

Rich Bressler, the president of iHeartMedia, which produces Limbaugh's show, issued a statement on the news.

"Rush is both a colleague and a dear friend, and I know he will handle the situation with courage and grace. I know millions of people nationwide join me and all of iHeart in wishing him a full recovery," he wrote.

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