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Keith Urban Reveals The Weirdest Body Part A Fan Has Asked Him To Sign

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Clark Sparky

Country pop star Keith Urban just started his residency in Las Vegas, which will continue throughout the new year. The show is hosted by the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and so far is slated for 12 dates, although Urban admitted he'd like to extend that.

In an interview with Billboard recently, Urban talked about the residency and his interactions with fans after his 100-minute shows.

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"Whenever I can stay afterwards and sign, I always do if I don’t have to make a flight or be somewhere at a certain time and can hang," Urban said. "People come from other countries sometimes and they’re here to see the show and this is their moment. The weirdest thing so far here is somebody in the meet and greet the other day asked me to sign their nose, which I didn’t do."

He also said that fans often create interesting signs to hold up during his performances.

"It’s all very spontaneous," Urban said. "Someone last night had a sign that said 'I have a scrunchie to give you. Will you accept it?' I didn't quite know what that was. Well, I know what a scrunchie is, but by all accounts [the sign was] an offering to become boyfriend and girlfriend."

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Later in the interview, Urban revealed what he does right before he takes the stage to get ready for his show.

"I keep loose. The thing is to just stay loose," he said. "Matt Chamberlain, a great drummer who plays on a lot of our stuff, I was at his studio the other day and he had a cassette deck. He just bought this old boombox and he wanted to make sure it worked."

He continued, "So he found a tape. The only cassette that he found was a whole Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania workout from 1985. It's a riot. So I found a copy of that and we cranked it backstage and we did this ridiculous workout with the band with Hulk. It's beyond absurd, I mean, in all the right ways. It's heightened. So I went crazy on that. And then last night, I was cranking up Elvis performing in Vegas, doing a song called 'Patch It Up' with the band just going nuts. It was good inspiration.

"My tour manager has done a lot of things in his career," Urban said. "The best one is, at one of these Vegas runs, he was the guy offstage responsible for feeding the mic cord out to Elvis and then pulling it back in. And so that's pretty awesome."

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