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James Corden

James Corden Opens Up About Calling Out Bill Maher

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By Carolyn B.

James Corden tends to keep a friendly demeanor with just about everyone. But the late-night host recently heard some remarks that he didn't feel he could ignore.

In September of last year, conservative host Bill Maher criticized people he considers overweight, saying more people died of obesity than gun deaths in August 2019. Maher continued, claiming shame as a device to correct issues like racism, smoking, and wearing seatbelts, suggesting it could be used to lose weight. Corden had to speak up.

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'Just Bullying'

James Corden
Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

Corden spoke out against Maher's comments, saying that fat-shaming is just bullying. The late-night host criticized Maher, pointing out that many people struggle to stay thin despite knowing all the health risks of being overweight and putting in lots of effort to no avail. He admitted that he had struggled with this himself nothing there were "good days and bad months."

The Late Late Show host finished his rebuttal by recommending that Maher worry more about the hurt he spread than judging others' diets.

Compelled To Speak Up

James Corden
Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

Corden addressed the comments to and from Maher in an interview with The New Yorker yesterday. He admitted to taking extra time to make sure his message was just right, taking three days to craft the segment with his writers.

The 41-year-old TV personality said he found Maher's statements to be seriously disconnected from the realities of everyday people. Corden also acknowledged a pattern between having money and staying thin. He commented on how difficult life can be and warned others not to forget that.

Another Scandal?

James Corden
Gettyimages | Ian Tuttle

Corden found himself in another "scandal" of sorts when a recently published behind-the-scenes video of a Carpool Karoake taping went viral.

In the video, Corden can be seen sitting in a car with that episode's guest singer, Justin Bieber. The car is hooked up to a towtruck, allowing Corden's to be completely free of the wheel while taping. The video spread quickly online as viewers joked that they felt betrayed to learn that Corden was not actually driving his Carpool Karaoke vehicles.

An Admission Of "Guilt"

James Corden
Gettyimages | Taylor Hill

Corden hilariously responded to viewers' reactions to the Carpool Karaoke video. He began by pretending he had a huge admission to give his fans to get in front of such a huge scandal. He then went on to reveal that he will sometimes use towtruck when conditions seem too unsafe for him to actually be driving the car -- such as when filming dance routines.

The late-night host jokingly revealed the real reason he couldn't drive when hosting Bieber was because he got lost in his eyes. He also threw in a jab at his recent film CATS, saying he thought that would have angered more people than this revelation.

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