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Is Chris Brown Trying To Win The Father Of The Year Award?

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By Jimmy Ha

Chris Brown, 30, has been busy touring, performing, and recording. But, in the midst of his schedules, it seems as though he's still able to make time for his adorable daughter, Royalty, and his 2 month-old son, Aeko!

Chris Brown loves his little family! The R&B singer took to Instagram to share a photo of Ammika Harris lovingly cradling their baby boy, Aeko Brown.

Chris Brown is known globally as one of the most iconic R&B/Pop performers of our time. But, when he’s not recording, touring, or performing, he makes it known that he’s simply a loving father in the midst of his stardom.

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Chris Brown Is Loving All The Attention His Kids Are Receiving

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On February 3rd, he shared another post of baby mama Ammika Harris, holding their two-month-old son Aeko with a beautiful photo that is crashing the internet!

The photo shows a beautiful mother and son moment that reminds you of the beauty in humanity.

It’s unclear if Brown and Harris are dating again, but it seems as though the primary focus is on the celebration of their new son. It seems as though no matter what the pop star is going through, he always makes an effort to show that his children are in his spotlight.

Photos Of Chris Brown's Son Aeko Will Make You Melt

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Aeko, was born last year in November of 2019. And since then he has been showering his followers’ Instagram feeds with adorable family photos. He also has always made a constant effort to show off his daughter Royalty as well. You can see in this next photo how he makes sure to keep his daughter the #1 girl hi his life as he made her his plus-one to the 2020 Grammys! Chris and Royalty adorably posed on the red carpet at the Staples Center on Jan. 26.

Chris Brown Isn't Coming To Your Parties

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Chris reportedly admitted to an inside source via that he “dedicates all his free time to his family now”. He "rarely goes out or parties anymore, and the only time he’s away from [his kids] is if he’s working. His priorities have completely shifted and he’s matured so much over these past few years since becoming a father.”

It seems like the R&B pop icon has really matured over the years and if showing a different side to his image that fans are in love with.

Chris Brown: "Father Of The Year"?

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In the midst of his life as a Father, Brown is still working hard to release his 2020 Album in the near future. But regardless to as how well his album sales perform, you can tell by his Instagram, that Chris Brown always remembers to keep his kids #1 on his charts.

Whether the public thinks it or not it seems to be quite clear that to his kids, Brown will always be "Father Of The Year" in their eyes.

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