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Taylor Swift pictured with Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift's 'Miss Americana' Has Fans Speculating She's Engaged

Gettyimages | Jackson Lee
By Alyssa McCraw

Did you know she loves a London Boy?

Taylor Swift, 30, released her Netflix documentary to the world last Friday. Miss Americana, which made its debut at Sundance Film Festival two weeks ago, has already proven instrumental in changing the minds of former anti-Swifties.

Her fans are known for not missing anything, and they really think they're onto something: In one of the film's most tense and controversial scenes, they've spotted what they believe to be an engagement ring on Miss Swift's hand.

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Taylor Swift at the Golden Globe Awards.
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One particularly excited user wrote:

EXCUSE ME MA’AM! IS THIS AN ENGAGEMENT RING I SEE???? Is @MissANetflix an engagement announcement??? 😆🥺😍 put me in my grave if my girl is a fiancée!!! @taylorswift13!!!

We're thankful to this person (whose name appears to be Maggie), because she literally just verbalized our entire thought process if this were to end up true.

The attached picture/screenshot is rather grainy, but one user claims to know exactly what it is.

"Look closely," they responded. "It's a cat ring."

Taylor Swift performing on stage.
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

We're just gonna pretend like it's not and roll with that. Sound good?

"TAYLOR SWIFT IS ENGAGED," another user named Nicole wrote.

Someone in the replies asked what she meant, and Nicole said "SHE HAS A FAT DIAMOND ON HER FINGER."

Some Swifties seem to know way more about Tay Tay's jewelry box than she probably does herself - one is claiming that the previously mentioned cat ring is "the only ring she wore in the film on her ring finger," and that "there wasn't any other ring."

Taylor Swift pictured with Joe Alwyn.
Gettyimages | GOR

(Since this person is so knowledgable of her jewelry inventory, they've probably already accounted for the friendship bracelet we gave her at a 2011 meet-and-greet in Florida. Can someone confirm?)

Taylor, 30, has been dating 28-year-old British actor Joe Alwyn since 2017. She never calls him by name in the film, but he does make a few cameos - most notably, you'll find Taylor running to him for a backstage hug following a show on her massively successful reputation Stadium Tour.

Taylor Swift performing on stage.
Gettyimages | Dave Hogan

“I also was falling in love with someone who had a really wonderfully normal, balanced, grounded life,” Swift comments during a voiceover. “We decided together that we wanted our relationship to be private.”

One interviewer who was in attendance for the movie's Sundance premiere noticed the ring right away. They later caught up with the film's director, Lana Wilson, and flat out asked about it. The content of their question came as news to Wilson, who let out a surprised "whoa" before saying she was "going to have to revisit that scene."

Does this mean "all the rumors are true?"

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