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Billie Eilish Shuts Down Haters Who Say Drake Is "Creepy" For Texting Her

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By Julia Duda

2019 was quite a year for Billie Eilish, and though we're only a month into 2020, it looks like things aren't slowing down for the young singer. Not only did Billie's debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, receive critical acclaim upon its release last year, it has skyrocketed her to immense fame. Billie made history last week when she swept the Grammy Awards, taking home awards for Best New Artist, Album, Song, and Record of the Year.

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It's no doubt that Billie is one of today's biggest names in music -- and that's attracted the attention of another big name: Drake. The rapper is a big fan of Eilish's, though not everyone thinks it's appropriate. The drama started last year, when Billie talked about how Drake texts her in a Vanity Fair interview. "Drake is, like, the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to. I mean, I’ve only, like, texted him, but he’s so nice. Like, he does not need to be nice, you know what I mean?”

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Clearly, Billie only had high praises for the rapper. However, people were put off by her comments in the interview because she was only 17 at the time, and many found it inappropriate that Drake -- a 33-year-old man -- would want to text a teenager. To add further drama, this isn't the first time that Drake has exhibited problematic behavior, especially when it comes to underage girls. Drake's problematic behavior has led many to claim that he "grooms" young women.

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And Billie Eilish isn't the only young celebrity Drake texts. Actress Millie Bobby Brown sung high praises for Drake during a 2018 interview, according to CheatSheet, saying “I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly a great friend and a great role model. You know we text. We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more,’ he’s great. He’s coming to Atlanta, so I’m definitely going to go and see him. I’m so excited.” This comment, of course, did not bode well with fans as Brown is only 15 years old.

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Despite the naysayers, Billie still only has positive things to say about Drake. In a recent Vogue interview, Billie went off on haters: "Everybody’s so sensitive. A grown man can’t be a fan of an artist? There are so many people that the internet should be more worried about. Like, you’re really going to say that Drake is creepy because he’s a fan of mine, and then you’re going to go vote for Trump? What the f-ck is that sh-t?" Clearly, Billie isn't letting anyone critique her friendship with Drake, and we wouldn't expect anything else from the emboldened singer!

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