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Farrah Abraham kisses Sophia

Farrah Abraham Ripped Apart Over CPS Reveal: 'She Is Literally Trying To Make Money Off This'

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez
By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham is currently making major headlines for calling her social media followers "jealous" haters amid rumors that Child Protective Services have been called on her.

Farrah, 28, took to Instagram with an explosive post today saying that this is "the one and only time" she'll be addressing "this bullsh*t." Allegations that Farrah left 10-year-old daughter Sophia alone in L.A this weekend as she vacationed in Mexico saw rumors that CPS had been called spike. That said, fans have been calling for some level of intervention over the star and her child for months.

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Farrah 'Done Being Silent', Won't 'Tolerate' Hate – Fans Don't Buy It

Farrah Abraham in the street
Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

As The Blast documented earlier today, Farrah's interview with Champion Daily saw her shut down suggestions that Sophia is unsafe.

"We live a great life and are not affected by harassment of any sort and I will not tolerate unsafe illegal actions by others lying, stalking, or harassing my family," she said, adding: "Sophia is protected from the evil people and it’s sad people are jealous of my dating life, and try to affect my family in a negative way.

Fans were quick to comment on the Instagram post linking to the interview, though, and they didn't seem too impressed.

'I Don't Think Anyone Is Jealous Of You, You're Deluded'

Farrah Abraham and Sophia on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Daniele Venturelli

Farrah will be trolled – sometimes, unfairly so – but some of the star's followers seemed genuinely concerned today. Also manifesting were suggestions that Farrah's "jealous" accusation wasn't quite a sane one.

"I don't think anybody is jealous of you. You're deluded," one fan wrote.

"Lmao..... Your kid deserves better.... All you do is free load off people and push their products.... Does she even go to any kind of schooling????" another said.

This comment likely pertains to the extensive nature of Sophia's promotional activity on Instagram and TikTok, alongside her public appearances such as her BeautyCon and Venice Film Festival ones in 2019.

Concerns Over Sophia's Exposure To 'Sexual' Activity

Farrah Abraham poses in a bathrobe
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Fans responding to Farrah's post today also raised the issue of her activities in the adult entertainment world. Farrah appeared in a sex tape back in 2013, having since featured in adult webcam videos alongside her topless, nude, or lingerie-clad Instagram updates.

10-year-old daughter Sophia follows her mom on Instagram and joined her earlier this year for a yacht outing where Farrah wore sexy red lingerie. Farrah has also live-streamed a "vagina-tightening" procedure on her social media.

"They’re not jealous, they’re concerned. Your daughter is constantly subjected to an adult lifestyle that I’m sure she wouldn’t have chosen for herself otherwise," a fan wrote.

A Few Fans Back Farrah Up, Call The Haters 'Ridiculous'

Farrah's post did receive a marked number of negative replies, but the star wasn't exclusively slammed.

"I’m so sorry that people are doing that to you. That is nothing to play around with. People are ridiculous and awful to you. I make it a point to leave a little positivity for you whenever I see you post something, to try to cancel out those haters, Lol! Just keep doing your thang, girl!❤️ @farrahabraham," one user wrote.

Farrah remains the most controversial member of the "Teen Mom" franchise. She maintains that she "quit" the series, but producers were clear – Farrah was fired.

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