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Lil Wayne's New Album Is a Flop With Critics

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By Trace Alan Salzbrenner

Lil Wayne came out with his latest LP "Funeral" on Friday and it was instantly eaten up and spit out by critics. Even though it had an emotional moment of silence for Kobe Bryant, the album as a whole felt directionless and without a purpose.

Rolling Stones put it in a simple way by saying, "Funeral is wildly uneven, a landscape of pronounced highs and lows."

Here are all of the scathing reviews that Lil Wayne's thirteenth studio album got.

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That same Rolling Stones article had more to say about the album, "Aside from a few moments, like “Bastard (Satan’s Kid),” which touches on Wayne’s father’s neglectful parenting, Funeral is emotionally adrift. As Wayne heads into a new decade—his fourth as a professional rapper—it’s hard to where his head is at, where he’s coming from, or where he’s going."

Rolling Stones ended up giving the album only two and a half stars out of their total five. That is a terribly low score for the seasoned rapper.

Lil Wayne performing on stage.
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Exclaim had similar feelings by saying that the album was disappointing compared to others in the rapper's discography, "While Funeral isn't necessarily a flop, the album would have ranked higher in Lil Wayne's discography had he cut the tracklist in half and opted for quality over quantity. Overall, Funeral lacks replay value compared to the multiple "best of the year" albums that Wayne has proven capable of creating."

They also cut into Lil Wayne's relevance by saying, "Funeral proves that Wayne's quick-witted rapping might be the only quality keeping his music enjoyable in today's hip-hop scene."

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New Music Express gave the album a score of three out of five stars. They didn't think it was a terrible album, but they still said, "This is some of the most focused, ferocious rapping that Lil Wayne has achieved in ages. Yet this still doesn’t necessarily result in a great album."

They ended up just saying, "Some may call the playful immaturity a weakness, but the most successful moments of ‘Funeral’ see Lil Wayne leaning into being a big kid. You should let Wayne be Wayne and enjoy the ride, but just make sure you brace yourself for a few uncomfortable bumps along the way."

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Some fans were also disappointed with the album. "it's just about okay. album starts out strong but loses focus on the middle. he could have picked better beats. the album could have been 4-5 tracks shorter too. [sic]" That was typed by a fan on Metacritic.

All in all, critics were very disappointed with the rapper's newest album. A lot of people expected more to come from the album and many wanted a repeat of "The Carter V," however they were given a directionless mess.

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