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Vanessa Bryant and Family Have Asked to Keep All Fan Tributes to Kobe and Gianna Outside Staples Center

Gettyimages | Harry How
By Zachary Holt

The untimely and tragic deaths of NBA basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, undoubtedly created one of the largest outpourings of sentiment from fans and people around the world.

But perhaps no bigger concentrated memorial was created for the deceased Bryant and his daughter than at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where he played with the Lakers for so many years.

Fans came by and paid their respects, delivering flowers, stuffed animals, signs, and memorabilia. Well, now Vanessa Bryant, Kobe's widow and Gianna's mother, has requested to have all of the tributes that were left at the arena.

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Staples Center Working with Bryant Family to Catalog Every Item Left as Tribute to Kobe

Gettyimages | David McNew

According to the Staples Center president, Lee Zeidman, Vanessa Bryant reached out to the arena and asked about being able to keep the tributes that were made to her late husband and daughter.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Zeidman shared Bryant's request and the process that the Staples Arena was going through to ensure that every time which could be kept was proactively cataloged for the family.

"Vanessa had reached out to us and said, ‘Our family would like the items out there," he began. "So we’re going to catalog every one of them."

Tribute Items Include T-Shirts, Letters, Basketballs, and Stuffed Animals

Gettyimages | David McNew

The Staples Center president would go on to elaborate on their efforts to try to save as many tributes as possible.

Zeidman shared that they would put as many items that could be saved into containers and then ship them to the family. "By that I mean, T-shirts, letters, basketballs, stuffed animals, toys. We’re going to put those in specially made containers and we’re going to ship them to the family," Zeidman explained.

Unfortunately, though, not everything can be saved like the vast amount of flowers that were placed at the venue. However, Zeidman does have a plan for those items.

Perishable Items Will Be Composted and Spread Around Staples Center

Gettyimages | Harry How

For perishable items that were brought by fans, they will not go to waste. According to Zeidman, the Staples Center will take the flowers and plants and compost them. The compost will then be distributed around the arena to help other plants and flora grow, helping carry on the legacy of Kobe and what he meant for the Staples Center.

"So that means that all those fans that took the time to buy the flowers and plants and brought them down there, some of that will still be around the site," he revealed.

Flora Surrounding The Staples Center Will Flourish In The Name of the Black Mamba


The Staples Center president did note that due to the sheer volume of items that were left at the arena, it would take some time to catalog everything and then, subsequently get them shipped to Vanessa and the rest of the Bryant family.

Still, it's a touching gesture by the place where Kobe became a legend. Not only will the Bryant family get to receive the love that so many strangers had for Kobe, but the flora around the Staples Center will grow and flourish in the name of the Black Mamba for years to come.

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