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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Gets Candid About Past Drug Use in Latest You Tube 'Seasons' Episode

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By Ali Gonzalez

As we've mentioned recently, the celebrity docu-series is the latest trend which various streaming platforms are attempting to capitalize on in order to capture viewers in the streaming wars where there is so much content vying for the attention of key demographics.

Netflix has definitely lead the charge on the music documentary genre, first debuting the Lady Gaga music doc "Five Foot Two" in 2017, as well as the Beyonce documentary on her epic Coachella performance, "Homecoming" and most recently, Taylor Swift's "Miss Americana."

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Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin
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For its part though, You Tube got one of its OG stars, Justin Bieber, to use their platform for his ten-episode biographical docu-series entitled: Justin Bieber: Seasons.

Each episode is only 11 minutes long, which makes the viewing super easy and digestible for busy working people who just want to get some insight into one of the world's most famous pop stars. Though you need a You Tube premium account to watch the series, celebrity news website Perez Hilton has been publishing an in-depth summary of and look into the personal topics Bieber covers in the series.

Justin Bieber
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The latest 11-minute episode, "Part Five" of ten, covered the topics of mental health, drugs, and addiction, with Bieber getting very candid about his past struggles.

The website shared that Bieber reveals he first smoked weed at age 13 and rapidly became addicted to it, graduating soon after to drinking “lean” (a substance widely rapped about in the hip hop community), moving on to adding prescription pills, Molly, and mushrooms into his arsenal.

On camera, his wife Hailey Bieber, explains that Bieber was self-medicating, to cope with undiagnosed anxiety and the pressures of having become famous so young.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
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In the episode, Bieber's long-time friend and manager, Scooter Braun, refers to the musician's late teenage years as his "dark period." After years of struggling, Bieber shares that he finally decided to seek help and support for treatment in 2014, although he quickly did what many addicts do: think he had gotten better, despite not actually treating or working on the root cause.

"I never did the actual work," he says in the video. "I got off the pills but never went to the root of everything so I just circled back around which most people do."

Justin Bieber
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After finally getting off his dependence on weed and pills, he began to work on the root of his issues, which were largely anxiety-related. He discusses his use of an oxygen chamber, which wife Hailey hilariously then refers to as “rich people s**t," and says that helps him a lot.

It's also clear that his faith and continued dedication to his religious practice along with the positive changes which wife Hailey Bieber has helped to support him through in his life, have gotten Bieber to a healthier and happier place today.

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