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Are Megan Thee Stallion And G-Eazy A Thing?

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By kenadijiba

Twitter is not happy to say the least. The rising princess of hip hop is held to a different standard than most. Her fanbase is strong and desires nothing but the best for their queen. So, when social media discovered a borderline cringe video of Megan Thee Stallion and G Eazy making out heavy in the backseat of a car everyone had a lot to say. This union was unexpected and usually, these two types of people in terms of personality do not cross.

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G Eazy Goes On Insta To Flaunt

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If anything is to be said about Megan, it is that she is one of the realist artists in the entertainment industry right now. The way she blew up was organic and not calculated. Her hit “Big Ole Freak” was a slow riser and people ultimately fell in love with not just how beautiful she is but also her ability to spit strong verses. Her authenticity has never been under questioning, but now with her possibly dating G Eazy some people can't really fathom why.

Is Megan Over Her Ex?


For a long time Megan was in an under the wraps relationship that not many of us publicly knew about. Her maintaining privacy concerning her romantic life was another reason why people respected her so much along with her motivation to hustle so effortlessly. This recent turn of events with G Eazy does have people side eyeing because of how to herself she is when it comes to those types of things. She is the one to flaunt on the gram but never about the men in her life.

How Does Halsey Feel?

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A Lot of attention turned to the “Him and I” singer Halsey G Eazys’s very public ex-girlfriend. The breakdown of their relationship was kind of inevitable especially after she jinxed it with that emo anthem of a song. Now Halsey seems to be in a better place with beau Evan Peters. The ease with Evan is such a juxtaposition to what she had with Gerald and she probably doesn't care one bit about what he is doing. Although knowing Halsey she will probably still be bumping Megan in the house.

New Power Couple Alert

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Will this fling turn into something real. Could Megan rebuild the human skeleton of a man that G Eazy is. Does Megan even have the desire to do so. With Megan’s independent streak running so deep she will probably be the one that chooses not to commit to Gerald. By the weird chemistry going on that video it does already seem like Gerald is more into Megan, than Megan is into him. But, hey who knows a few years from now Megan could be pregnant with his child.

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