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Is Actress Meagan Good Bleaching Her Skin?

Gettyimages | Paul Bruinooge
By kenadijiba

Smokeshow actress Meagan Good has been in headlines more recently not just for her talents with acting but more so to do with her concerning appearance. More recently after a social media blow up over controversy surrounding the lighting of the pigment of her skin, Meagan stopped by “The Doctor’s” and left fans even more confused. While discussing her eyebrow implants a lot of people in the comments couldn't stop themselves from commenting on her profound transformation aesthetically and comparing her now to what she resembled not too long ago.

Cultural Debate


In the black community the discussion over debates revolving around “light skin” and “ dark skin” are nothing new. This all really stems from the past shackles of slavery and the residue it has left on African descendants to assimilate into Eurocentric beauty ideals. In these last couple of years the tide has wavered. Many women of darker complexions are being welcomed and praised for their beauty, like the actress Lupita Nyong'o who popped out on the scene and supermodels like Duckie Thot.

Dark Skin Women

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Someone who has actually been an ally to dark skin women without a doubt is Rihanna. After she released the Fenty Beauty line with a plethora of extremely light to deliciously dark hues women across the world felt seen for the first time by the makeup industry. So, with all this love opening up for the disenfranchised group of deeper toned women why is Meagan Good who is more so considered a brown skinned woman, messing with her gorgeous shell of a body.

Self Love

Gettyimages | Delmaine Donson

Ultimately when it comes to the power of possessing self esteem it could take longer time for some to manifest it. Although the general public has praised and sought after Meagan because of her physical appearance, it seems as if she can't find the reason as to why. By changing her eyebrows to her hair there could be an inner fight she is dealing with that none of us are privy to. Could it be that having her whole identity wrapped in being a sex symbol possibly morphed the way she values herself.


Gettyimages | katleho Seisa

It would be ridiculous to think that in this industry of “you must stay beautiful or nobody will care about you”, women probably go through an identity crisis. If everything you are is really based on how you look there could be a lack of development concerning personality and social skills. Also, for many who feel as if they cannot control anything else in their life the focus turns to their bodies. For Meagan the hope is that she will wake up and see what we all see, a strong woman.

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