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Ted Bundy's Ex Think's He Loved Her And Daughter

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By kenadijiba

In a fresh out of the oven interview with Elizabeth Kendall, the ex girlfriend of notorious murderer as well as rapist Ted Bundy, she got incredibly candid on her relationship with Bundy and how he treated not only her but her daughter. The idea that someone could maintain such an intimate union with such a vile and no holds bar killer is a miracle in itself. The main question that arises into the atmosphere is why didn't Bundy harm Kendall? What was it about her that made him merciful.

Ted's Ex And Her Daughter Speak Up

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The revelations unleashed in this interview were shocking to say the least. Elizabeth Kendall a single mother in the 70’s looked to be the prime victim for someone with Bundy’s personal motivations. Her unwitting trust in him was even stranger to dissect. As she recounted her first meeting with Ted and in turn bringing him home later that same night, which was unusual considering her not having a history of ever doing that before shines a light on how charismatic as well as manipulative Bundy the man really was.

The "Nice Guy" Persona

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Long after Ted’s relationship with Elizabeth ended he did eventually while in prison for life, got married. It is unimaginable that a man who has an extensive history of causing the utmost harm to women could somehow snag a wife and still find ways to seduce women outside of those stone-cold walls. What attracts women to these types of notorious figures? Is there something sexy about someone who could literally kill you? Do women think they can fix these damaged beings?

Did He Care For People?

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A statement that Elizabeth made in the interview that felt a bit naive is the idea that possibly Ted loved her, and her daughter. Now, nothing is necessarily impossible and the human psyche is so complex that nobody really holds all the cards nor answers on what goes on in the human mind, let alone Ted Bundy’s. But, everything he had done pre and then soon after their relationship ended points to unbridled luck as to why Ted didn't hurt them. Bundy’s desire to kill wasn't predicated on any light-hearted feeling. He was an impulsive and at times nonsensical psychopath.

The Notoriety Associated With Bundy

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With growing cult classics like news shows on Netflix consistently gaining traction and hype it seems as if the glamorization of these known killers is prevailing. The science experiment of throwing out this clever narrative with Joe from “You” which subtly parallels characteristics of Bundy shows how women are, in a sense, conned by the notoriety and the physicality of unapologetic psychopaths. There is also a need to find sympathy for someone who isn't able to be sympathetic at all. To search for reasoning and build a solid defense for the absolutely indefensible, which is a greater issue that plagues us socially.

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