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Harry Style's Cant Make Sense Of One of His Songs

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By kenadijiba

If you have ever been in the midst of a not so enthralling conversation and forgot to make sense of anything just said to you, or what you’ve just said back in response then Harry Styles understands how you feel. When the conversation for an impromptu interview swayed towards the mention of one of his not so subtle singles “Lights Up”, Harry had a lot to say but at the same time not much to say. His explanation of the meaning of the song had fans right where they started, comfortably confused.

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Writing Is Like Therapy For Styles


Not so unique to countless musicians seen and heard before, writing for Harry is like therapy. This method of letting your emotions run wild without judgment or anticipation of who might get a hold of what you’ve released can be a joy ride of self-liberation. For some like Styles this “pain” can be priced and sold as a material art, and for day to day people just trying to get by, it can serve as a beautiful timestamp of an intense growth period that eventually was conquered.

Redefining Success

Unsplash | Ian Stauffer

The sophomore album “Fine Line” by Harry Styles is an intriguing piece of artistic wonder. The songs illustrate a love story between a man and the world around him. There are mentions of traditional love standards and desires, but a lot of the focus is concerning societal peace and dreams for unity. One of the more perplexing songs on the album was “Lights Up”. A fan favorite not just for the racy lyrics but adrenaline racing music video in which thousands took the time to analyze its significance .

He's Attracted To Honesty

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With slight but sneaky innuendos and mind boggling visuals for “Lights Up” the consensus among Directioners was that this was some sort of bisexual anthem. A song promoting freedom and a plug for independent thinking. So, with fans diving so intellectually into what is the story behind this soon to be classic it was a bit of a shock that Styles doesn't really know what it is about. In a sweetly arresting manner Styles said that when he hears “Lights Up” there isn't anything that specific comes to mind.

Revealing Personal Lyrics

Unsplash | Tom Pumford

On other songs like “Cherry” or “Treat People With Kindness” the subject and the messaging is ever so clear. It is neat how as artists great projects can arise from nothing. Luck, in the end, does play a part in spurts of creativity, and to know that many of our favorite artists a lot of the time don't know what the hell they're talking about, can be comforting. Anyways, does every song have to be profound? Can something just be a casual hymn, a rhythmic anthem? The answer is yes.

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