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Could Rihanna Be The Next Super Bowl Halftime Show Headliner

Unsplash | Charisse Kenion
By kenadijiba

As Shakira and J.Lo get ready to hit the halftime stage another beloved performer is on America’s mind. Where oh where is our Queen Rihanna? All members of the “Navy” agree unanimously that Rihanna does deserve as much free time to live her absolute best life and stunt endlessly on the gram, but where is that new album she has hidden in a lock box? It feels as if every day that passes the world gets darker and the weather gets colder without this obvious banger of a record Rihanna is depriving the universe of.

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Too Busy


Now, Rihanna knows the profound level of desperation her fans are at to have the airways bumping whatever future classics she has recorded in these last few years. Is her perfectionist attitude the reasoning for this, or does music not give her that rush it did initially. If any one of us had a multi-million dollar brand we wouldn't be in a rush to promote an album ethier. Not to mention putting on a grueling never-ending tour. The idea is that musicians should feel lucky for the privileges that derive from being famous, but what about the not so fun aspects.

Where Is The Album?

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

With all these other artists popping out of the woodwork unbeknownst to anyone, like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez maybe Rihanna is being strategic about this. After finally showing off her business-like mindset people can now appreciate Rihanna for something else other than her striking face. There could be a meaning behind the madness or lack of it. The thing is, Rihanna should take a page from Bieber’s book. Going away for an extended period of time can be a dealbreaker in this unforgiving industry.

Is Rihanna A Legend

Gettyimages | ContemporAd

The “Navy” could counter that argument with the sense that Rihanna is a legend, and legends can't be forgotten or fall off the public’s radar. That general opinion is really all but a myth. For example, let us discuss who is arguably the greatest to ever do it. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself even had a time when he wasn't as relevant to the public domain as he was in his “prime”. If Michael Jackson can experience that then anyone can.

Would She Turn It Down

Gettyimages | Aurelien Meunier

To bring the conversation back to the halftime show, Rihanna is definitely an artist of a certain caliber who is deserving of taking on that stage. The thing is whether she would bask in the opportunity. Her support of BLM and Kapernick is strong and unapologetic, and routinely Rihanna is a powerful woman who is known for not backing down to anything nor anyone. So, the producers at the Super Bowl should find creative ways to woo RiRi because it's not going to be as easy as signing on J.Lo.

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