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The Cast of 'The Good Place' Reacts to the Series Ending

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By Megan Prevost

The Good Place was masterful television. Each episode was incredibly well thought out, and the characters and relationships were absolutely dynamite.

After four years, the cast is pretty sad to say goodbye to the characters they've played over the years.

Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, William Jackson Harper, D'Arcy Carden, and Ted Danson all react to the last episode of the four-season hit comedy The Good Place.

Grab your tissues, this one's going to a be a little heartfelt.

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A Quick Recap

Giphy | The Good Place

The last season features the four humans trying to figure out a way to make the good place more accessible.

See, they had just found out that no one had gotten in in hundreds of years, and they wanted to find a way to fix that problem.

So, they remodeled the system and made everything work. Except, the good place kind of sucked. It was a never-ending party and because of that, everyone's minds kind of turned to mush.

The humans then introduced the concept of death to the good place. Basically, whenever anyone is satisfied with their time, they can walk through a door and cease to exist.

The series finale titled, "Whenever You're Ready" featured our four humans walking through the door at the end of their journey.

Comments from the After-Show

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After the finale aired, there was an after show with Seth Meyers. He asked the stars what the most emotional part of ending the show was.

To which Ted Danson answered, "The Redwoods, that was pretty emotional. The final goodbyes, the was pretty emotional."

Jameela Jamil said, "Your speech killed me. I'll never ever recover from that," to William Jackson Harper. His speech, about waves returning to the ocean, was a truly heartwarming moment for the show.

Kristen Bell also spoke about how Eleanor's moment with Chidi on the bridge in Paris was the very last scene they shot.

The Artist's Bridge

Giphy | The Good Place

"When we shot on the bridge–it's called the Artist's Bridge in Paris, that was... pretty emotional. Mike, our creator, kept it rolling and we were just both sobbing," Bell said.

Manny Jacinto chimed in with, "The table read for me was probably the most emotional. Hearing those words out loud for the first time, and hearing it all together."

"It was snotty," Bell commented. "It was a very, very wet table read."

"It was perfect for all of us. It was a perfect ending to our story and Mike's story. It was sad but uplifting and kind and gentle and sweet," Danson added.

Social Meda Tributes

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The cast also posted some incredibly meaningful comments on Twitter and Instagram, sharing photos from the last episode, and moments with each other.

It was all heartwarming. We were happy to see the cast altogether.

In one tweet by Jameela Jamil referencing a picture of her and Ted Danson, she wrote,

"This moment absolutely broke me. I had never acted before and he picked me up and taught me everything and guided me with so much grace, humor and generosity. I will never recover from working so closely with such an icon who I have loved my whole life."

It's safe to say this show will be talked about for a long time.

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