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Rob Kardashian Dating Another Reality Star

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By kenadijiba

When you think about the well-organized mess that is the “Kardashian” family, Rob Kardashian is not really included automatically in that equation. His lack of any profound presence in the show has grown throughout the years, and the reasoning behind it stretches from his own personal insecurities to his rumored dislike of his overtly superficial famous sisters. The fact that Rob seems to be the complete antithesis of his entire family has to be hard to deal with internally.

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Rob Kardashian Dates The Same Type Of Woman

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For Rob, living around this constant production had to affect his sanity. The conversations in early seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” illustrated the immense criticism pointed in Rob’s direction, specifically from the head honcho, Kim Kardashian. The painting of Rob as a lazy kind of leech might be a reason as to why he has isolated himself so much not just from the invasive camera’s but also from his family in general. Could this be why Rob always dates women that his sisters dislike? Is he trying to rebel in every way possible.

Lack Of Self Esteem

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It is no wonder that Rob Kardashian is now known for having such a lack of self esteem and confidence. Season by season anyone could see how slowly but surely the insensitive comments made by his relatives, chipped away any semblance of faith in himself. So, the surprise that resulted when he started dating the unapologetic video vixen Blac Chyna was a bit dramatic. If you looked at how Chyna functions it would make sense that Rob would look towards a woman that possesses attributes that he so clearly does not.

Not Over Blac Chyna

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His taste in women is obviously a product of how he feels inside. He craves so strongly a desire for someone outside of his familial cave to understand and love him without any preconditions or hidden agendas. The complexity that results from vetting every single person Rob tries to date must be mentally taxing. How do you know someone is being legitimate or honest. Does this person really like me or are they using me to gain fame through any means necessary? The way he was scorned by the mother of his child Blac Chyna is a bleak example of that.

Should Be Single For A While

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This rumored new relationship with “Love and Hip Hop” star Tommie Lee cannot turn out good. Her track record is one that even Rob can’t handle. The amount of times she has been booked and sent to jail is appalling in itself, not to mention the public threats she has made against fellow reality television acquaintances. If Tommie gets her toes inside that pristinely built Kardashian home, they have got another thing coming. Tommie Lee is not Blac Chyna, and if she is disrespected in any way she won’t be holding back.

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