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Bryant Family Release 2nd Statement, "Don't Believe Everything That You Read."

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By Mario Perez

The Bryant family has understandably been fairly quiet over the last couple of days following the passing of Kobe and Gianna Bryant in a helicopter crash that also took the lives of 7 other people. Just a couple of days ago the family released their 1st statement following the tragedy.

Today though an official spokesperson for the family the president of Kobe Inc. released a statement directly on behalf of the family to address a particular story that they had an issue with.

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In the first statement, Vanessa herself came out and thanked people for the support that the family had been given over the last couple of days. She also made an announcement that a fund was being set up where people could donate to help the families of the other people that where tragically also killed in the crash.

Big stars such as Kobe's former teammate Shaquille O' Neal have already pledged large donations to the foundation to be able to help the families of those involved.

The 2nd Statement

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The statement that came out today references a particular story that was run by People magazine. Part of the statement read,

"We are disappointed in some media’s broad use of unnamed sources and blind quotes, and remind everyone that the Bryant family will speak on our own behalf when appropriate. To this point, no one has been authorized to speak on behalf of the family regarding any personal details surrounding Sunday’s tragedy, including stories related to the family’s previous air travel decisions.“

Why Did This Particular Story Seem Out of Place?

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The story referenced stated that the couple basically had a pact that they would not ride in the helicopter together. This meant that they thought this type of travel was a bit unsafe. That is why they would have had to have a designated survivor rule in place.

According to the family, this was definitely not the case. They took great offense because it basically implied that they willingly put their daughters into harm's way. The family used this travel method frequently as has been widely reported for many years.

What Is Going To Happen Next

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The City of Los Angeles has already ruled the crash an accident. All speculation leads to the fact that they will not be investigating the case any further. This means that the remains of the people on board are going to be released to the family members very soon.

As of the time of writing for this article, there are no plans announced for a funeral service. Yet, it seems that those will be coming in the next couple of days.

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