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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill's Emotional Tribute to Kobe Bryant and His Late Brother Jordan Feldstein

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By Alan Blake

Jonah Hill, who lost his brother in 2017, has come out with a touching tribute. However, he did not remember Jordan alone but also the NBA legend Kobe Bryant who perished in the Sunday’s helicopter crash incident. On Thursday, he dropped an Instagram post of a picture that had been a comic meme but has since taken a different meaning following the death of the L. A Lakers legend and Feldstein. According to Jonah, the photo was used for comics, which he admits made him laugh, although it meant different for him.

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Jonah Hill
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Jonah confessed that the photo’s association with humor had made him hesitate to post it, but he went ahead as he knew it meant a lot to him. As he discloses, he took the selfie on the day he and his late brother met Kobe. The NBA star had been friendly, kind, and funny while the game played as Jonah reveals. Jonah and Feldstein had all through their young life worshipped the Lakers team, and finally, his job made him come to sit with the team and next to Kobe.

Kobe Bryant
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Meeting the hero, Kobe, was Jonah and his late brother’s favorite memory, and he still believes he has lived a life of privileges. Jonah continues his tribute with emotional sentiments, noting how the photo shows him seated between Feldstein and Kobe, and they are both gone. He meditates about ‘resting in peace, a phrase thrown around when someone dies and believes that the departed souls are hustling ‘up there’ rather than resting in peace. Jordan suffered a cardiac arrest in 2017.

Adam Levine
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He was also the elder brother to Beanie Feldstein, the Booksmart’s actress, and was Marron 5’s manager from its inception. Beanie published her ‘Grief Glasses’ essay, which addressed her brother’s death. She described the experience saying she had felt as if a pair of glasses became strapped to her face, and she could never manage to take them off. According to Adam Levine, who is the Maroon 5 band’s front man, Jordan’s death was his saddest moment in life. He had known Jordan who died at 40 since they were in diapers.

Jonah Hill
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According to a report, Beanie and Adams never got along during Jordan’s sister’s early days. Beanie opened up about an occasion where Adam had dedicated a song to her when she was five. She recounted how she yelled, asking Adams to stop embarrassing her, and ran out of the room. The two however, later became fond of each other and even started hanging out together. Beanie at one time, posted a photo of them hanging out, with the singer trying out a smooch, although she seemed unimpressed.

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