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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Says She Wanted to Date This Celeb "Bad" When She Was Married to Nick Lachey

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall
By Ali Gonzalez

Is there anything better than when a celebrity publishes a tell-all autobiography of their life? The latest star to become a memoir author is pop musician and current fashion empire mogul, Jessica Simpson, and boy she has not disappointed.

Though the book has yet to be published (it's currently slated for a February 4th release, yippee!), the public has been getting glimpses and pieces of the scandalous stories contained within, like Radar Online who got an advance copy of the work.

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The weeks leading up to release-day have been full of surprising new details about Simpson's life coming to light, including the candid truth about her battle with alcohol addiction, a tragic experience with childhood sex abuse, and most recently, her revelation that she wanted to be with Johnny Knoxville wanted "so bad to be with" the infamous star of Jackass, while married to Nick Lachey.

According to Simpson's own words in the book, she found a strong emotional connection with Knoxville after meeting for the first time on the set of filming The Dukes of Hazzard.

Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville
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“It’s funny, I know, because I placed such an emphasis on sex by not having it before marriage," Simpson writes in the book. "After I actually had sex, I understood that the emotional part was what mattered. And Johnny and I had that, which seemed far more of a betrayal to my marriage than sex.”

According to her own account, they began flirting and then entered into a "pen pal" type of relationship where they'd send "love letters" back and forth.

Johnny Knoxville and Jessica Simpson
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"It was like Johnny and I were prison pen pals," Simpson writes. "Two people who wanted so much to be with each other but were kept apart [by our] respective spouses. There was something Nick wanted from me that I no longer had. An emptiness I couldn’t fill.”

She maintains she never cheated on her then-husband, but said their drift continued to widen, with Lachey often leaving for days at a time to party with friends in Las Vegas or Miami.

“There were so many tabloid stories about Nick in strip clubs or talking to girls that I just didn’t know what to believe," she says. "Did he feel caught in this marriage? He kept putting himself into situations where he could be so easily accused of cheating. It was self-sabotage. He had a group of guy friends who used him to get into places and enjoy VIP treatment at strip clubs and bars. He liked that scene, and I thought it was gross.”

We're happy that Simpson seems to be in a much happier place since those days, and can't wait to get our hands on a copy of her book!

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