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Azriel Clary Drops Bombsell's About R. Kelly In New Interview

Gettyimages | KENA BETANCUR
By Monique Loveless

Looks like R.Kelly only has Joycelyn Savage holding him down now because his known second girlfriend Azriel Clary is now speaking up.

The Sun received an exclusive interview with Azriel Clary. Azriel is dishing the tea on former boyfriend, singer R. Kelly. Clary is opening up about the alleged abuse she suffered while dating the Ignition singer.

It all started with the first part of Surviving R.Kelly that came out on Lifetime at the beginning of 2019. When victims spoke about the abuse they had experienced or witnessed from R. Kelly. Sparking a #muterkelly across social media and causing prosecutors to go after Kelly again.

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Among the people in the docu-series were Azriel Clary’s parents who seemed to want their daughter back so much that at the end one of the episodes. The parents were shown at the doorstep where Clary supposedly was residing to get her back. With no luck, after the series aired Clary’s dad went to social media, forcing Clary to come out of hiding.

In March of 2019, Azriel Clary and R. Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend Joycelyn Savage spoke to Gayle King to clear up the rumors. Where Clary expressed that she had a loving relationship and was in love with the Bump ‘N’ Grind singer.


“When I first met Robert my parents told me to lie about my age,” Clary exclaimed in the interview. “On top of that when I was 17 my parents were trying to make me take photos with him [Robert Kelly], take sexual videos with him and all kinds of stuff.”

Well, it looks like since Kelly was booked back in July on federal charges for child pornography and racketeering. Not to mention, Clary’s fight with another girlfriend Savage, Clary has had a change of heart.

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Azriel made headlines by walking away from the relationship, on the I Believe I Can Fly singers 53rd birthday. Clary has decided since that it’s also time to speak out, claiming she’s only one of many victims. Alleging that Kelly forced her and other women to do humiliating acts.

The 22-year-old in the interview recalls meeting Kelly at a concert at 17, being beat by a size 12 air force one for hours and the hundreds of victims out there in most of the state's main cities.

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“Robert has his live-in girlfriends, he has girlfriends in every city. He has flings in every city.” Azriel admits, “There's usually three main cities in every state. So three times 50 - that lets you know how many women are probably out there and that's probably not even hitting it on the nail.”

Since leaving Kelly’s residence in November 2019, Azriel has made amends with her family and has been speaking out on the alleged abuse she experienced while Kelly currently is locked up awaiting trial.

"I just feel really ashamed for giving someone that much power over me.” Clary goes on, “For the most part I'm taking the steps to, you know, regain that freedom back and just get comfortable living in my own skin.”

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