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Blake Lively and her daughter James

Jimmy Fallon is 'Beyonce' to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's 5-Year-Old Daughter

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By Rhode InStyle

Can you imagine Jimmy Fallon's face when he was told he was like Beyonce? Hilarious, right?! Well, the forty-five-year-old comedian and host was definitely in for one of the greatest shocks of his hosting career.

On the January 29th episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, actress Blake Lively brought some surprising news to the seasoned talk show host. When Blake's five-year-old daughter, James, dropped by the show on that same day, Blake told Jimmy that her baby actually gets starstruck with him.

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It's actually quite funny why little James gets fascinated with the host of Fallon Tonight, especially that her famous parents Blake and actor Ryan Reynolds have a good share of celebrity friends.

When the talk show host asked Blake about James, the actress blurted out, "We’ve got to stay away from you Jimmy. She’s so intimidated by you." Of course, this got everyone in the room laughing so hard.

Why would a little girl be ever intimidated by a super funny guy?

TV show host Jimmy Fallon
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The wife of Ryan Reynolds shared that she actually asked her cute little daughter to come along with her for her Tonight Show taping. But upon learning that James Fallon was gonna be there, the little curly cutie pie refused to go, telling her mom that it was fine to leave without her even though she actually adores the host so much. Awww.

Now, why wouldn't five-year-old James want to accompany her lovely mom to see Fallon for the taping?

Closeup photo of Blake Lively and James Fallon

According to Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen, they have a Jimmy Fallon cutout around the house she shares with her husband Ryan and their three lovely babies. To make the revelation even more humorous, Blake added that James gets along well with Taylor Swift. But when it comes to Jimmy Fallon, the five-year-old can’t speak. Blake said, "You’re like her Beyonce.”

OMG! Whether Jimmy would, believe it or not, a celebrity baby still actually gets starstruck with another celebrity, which happens to be him in this case!

Lovely family of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

What a funny Tonight Show episode that one was!

Blake Lively's guesting at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is part of her promotional tours for her upcoming thriller-mystery movie, The Rhythm Section. The film is about a woman who plots an act of revenge against the people behind an orchestrated plane crash that killed her family. The Rhythm Section will be out on the cinemas on January 31st.

Can't get enough of Blake Lively and her funny antics at Jimmy Fallon's show? Watch this hilarious Box of Lies clip below.

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