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Jeremy Piven Details Lost Footage of Kobe Bryant 'Entourage' Cameo

@jeremypiven / Instagram
By Gary Trock

In the days after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, many stars are reflecting and reminiscing on encounters with the late NBA star. Jeremy Piven revealed that Bryant actually filmed a never-before-seen cameo for an episode of "Entourage" that never made the final cut.

The actor who became famous for playing maniac Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold shared an emotional story about what a genuine talent Bryant was, and even shared a photo from the scene that will likely never be seen by fans.

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@jeremypiven / Instagram

"I approached Kobe in character and asked why he’s doesn’t act and that I wanted to rep him... He told me while warming up (popping in 3 balls )that he doesn’t have that charisma to be in front of the camera like Denzel," Piven explained of the scene.

He continued, "And yet he was mesmerizing while telling me this and didn’t know we we’re filming. I’m telling u he crushed this scene that u will never see."

Fans asked for Piven to share the actual scene in tribute to Bryant, but the star responded, "Wish I had it."

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Piven added that he's still devastated over the loss of Bryant, and reflected on the legacy the NBA star will leave behind.

"He was fascinating and curious at the same time and that’s rare . His impact will continue to reveal itself and I’m still hurt and in total disbelief . Let his work ethic inspire u when u can’t make it and the love he had for his family continue to give us all perspective when we loose gratitude. I’m sorry I can’t stop thinking about this and posting."

Gettyimages | Paul Bereswill

Earlier in the week, the "Entourage" star posted about his emotional state since Bryant's death, and tried to explain the thought process behind the devastation.

"Can’t stop crying . Maybe because we know how hard he worked and now he could be with his family and explore that next chapter . We just see the glory and not all the hard work that lead to him making it look easy .... look at that smile, he was a kid who got to do what he loved . Halfway into his journey he’s taken away with 8 others . Make every moment count."

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