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Queer Eye Host Tan France Talks New Show And Trends He’d like To See Left In The Past

Gettyimages | Jerod Harris
By Monique Loveless

You can see the fabulous Queer Eye Tan France giving people new looks or making over comedians on his hit Youtube series Dressing Funny. You can get even more of France’s unfiltered styling advice on his new Netflix show called Next In Fashion.

The reality competition will follow 18 designers as they compete to be the next big name in fashion and the winner will receive $250k. British designer and Model Alexa Chungwill co-host alongside France.

While France is gearing up for the Netflix show premiere he lets it be known what trends he would like to see gone from last decade while moving into the new decade.

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Although we don’t agree with every choice he definitely has a point about rethinking leggingsfor everyday wear.

"I feel bad saying this because most of America does this...but there's got to be something else that we can choose," he says in a sit down with Bustle. “Like a jean! For f*ck's sake, a jean! A nice trouser, a skirt, anything other than a legging!"

France has a point and the no holds fashion expert also has a few other things on the list he’d like for you to no longer wear:

Biker Shorts & Micro Purses

Gettyimages | Edward Berthelot

"Here's the thing about biker shorts," he says. "I think that they are very exclusive. If you have a basic model body, you get to wear them and you get to feel good about yourself. However, I think that it makes people who don't have that body — and I'm one of those people — feel kind of sh*tty and it makes you feel insecure. So I would like them to go for that reason."

France has his opinion on this look but celebs as Jordyn Woods and Ashley Graham look fierce in biker shorts. So this one I don’t think we agree with the host but fashion is fluid.

When it comes to the micro purse, a trend will truly fade because it has no purpose. You can’t fit anything in them so we definitely agree with France on this fad needing to see it’s way out the door.

"The only person, in my opinion, who can continue to rock those, because she's obsessed with micro purses in general, is Gigi Hadid. Everybody else is like, 'You can't fit anything in there!'"

Fanny Packs & Bucket Hats

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"I don't love an over-the-shoulder fanny pack. And I think I'm over fanny packs in general. I like that they had a moment, but I always knew it was going to be just a moment. Always a trend, never a classic.”

Another one that we might have to disagree on. Fanny Packs which to modernize the name are called belt back. Due to the convenience of belt bags leaving your hands free, it looks like they’ll be staying in style for a while. So sorry France you may be seeing these around for a little longer.

But when it comes to the bucket hat we must agree with France "I've always hated a bucket hat," he says. "And I know that all the cool kids wear them. Alexa Chung and I totally disagree on this. She loves a bucket hat."

The bucket hat should definitely stay back in the ’90s. If you personally own one don’t let the style guru catch you in it.

Scrunchies & Flared Jeans

Gettyimages | Elva Etienne

Carrie Bradshaw was right in the episode where she told her boyfriend that no one wears scrunchies. This throwback piece France has a point we can all agree with. Unless you use it while cleaning the house then we can give you a pass.

France says "I think it's fine, but I don't see why they needed to come back. Like, didn't we move on? Isn't there another option?"

When it comes to flared jeans It's a hard no for the Queer Eye stylist. "I'm hoping that's going to last 20 minutes and we're over it again," Tan says. "If it's a '70s jean, OK, I can make my peace with that. When it's a bootcut situation, like no. Nobody wants to screw you in that. And it's your choice to be celibate. You're choosing for no one to f*ck you."

I mean all we can say is agreed.

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