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Hailey Bieber looks gorgeous in this low-cut white dress with boots to match as she stands in front of a mannequin to take pictures.

Hailey Bieber Wants Fans To Stop Coming At Her For Her Weird Pinky! Says It’s A Medical Condition

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By Favour

For several years now, the internet has shared many pictures of Hailey Bieber, including her selfies. The American model also shares amazing pictures of herself on Instagram, but all this time, no one noticed anything different about her fingers. This is quite shocking because she never hides it in her pictures, and fans always thought she likes bending her pinky. However, recently, some and took note of the crooked pinky and brought her attention to it. The revelation escalated quickly on social media as many fans also became interested in her pinky.

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As more fans spoke about the pinky on social media, it turned into a backlash in no time. The attention of the media personality was brought to the rants on social media, and she gave a sound reply.

The 23-year-old explained the pinky condition to her fans and urged them to stop coming here because they did not have all the information.

According to her, her pinky condition is Ectrodactyly, and she had a Wikipedia screenshot to back it up.

Hailey Bieber looks astonishing in black and white dress as she poses beautifully for the camera.
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She also went on to say that it is a genetic condition and has been there for ever. Hailey was definitely not feeling the words fans speed at her and she tried to bring it to an end. In her explanation, she saw no reasons why fans would make fun of her, because she has done it to herself a thousand times.

“I’ve had it my whole life, so people can stop asking me ‘what is wrong with her pinky fingers’ her is what is wrong.” She said.

Giphy | 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

According to health specialists, a hand-split deformity can be inherits by children from their parents or grandchildren for their grandparents. One of the causes for this generic problem is random mutation which can happen in any human being. Although the deformity can be inherited, it is not contagious and it is definitely not a sickness. People who have his split on their fingers live normal lives without having issues, as it does not contribute to any heath-related issues in the body.

Hailey and Justin Bieber look amazing together as they sit watching a show.
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To conclude her explanation, the model says her fan should stop roaring her for her pinky.

For many years now, Hailey Bieber has openly talked about her physical and mental health. She once said that most people in the industry saw talking about their feelings as a negative approach to life, but not her. She also mentioned that even when people were not doing fine, they would pretend to be. Hailey is not a fan of faking her feelings and we can see that from the way she responded to her pinky topic that erupted on social media recently.

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