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John Cena's Ex Nikki Bella Is Pregnant

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By kenadijiba

Let us all give a moment of silence for the swift wave of shock that John Cena is sure to have felt when discovering this mind boggling news. For years Nikki Bella and John had a highly publicized relationship that was prided for its teflon status, but also judged for rumored toxicity. The consensus was that John was not ready for marriage and Nikki very much was. These types of differences from the start don't seem too daunting but eventually they create a strong divide.

A Rocky Relationship

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Falling in love is an exciting venture. The process of learning about someone who you are attracted to not just physically but emotionally, and intellectually as well can be life changing. Now, just because this process can be thrilling does not mean it is always healthy. With John and Nikki this was a slight criticism from fans who observed a struggle of power between the two. Of course John Cena deservedly so is known for being a legend in not solely the wrestling arena but across mediums. Did this affect Nikki?

New Love

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As soon as Nikki stepped out on the scene with her young, under the radar beau fans were at a bit of a standstill. People don't know what to make of her new partner because of how shockingly different he is from John Cena. The initial thought was maybe this relationship was solely a rebound. Well, now with the surprise of Nikki becoming a mother this relationship proves to be one for the long haul. Nikki now has officially moved on.

Pregnant At The Same Time As Her Twin

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Another extremely important person in her life who's had the 411 on everything personally related to Nikki and Johns complicated saga, is her twin Brie. These two polar opposite identical twin sisters were an American favorite duo because of their rise to fame in the wrestling world and their joint spots on the E Reality tv show "Total Divas". Although it is natural for anyone to desire a sense of individuality, the idea that these two charming beauties are now pregnant at the same time has to be heartwarming.

Is John Cena Okay?


Since Nikki is clearly not doing bad for herself post intense breakup, everyone wants to know what is up with Mr. Cena. Is he crying in a corner? Holding onto himself in a fetal position? Flipping through age old photos of him and Nikki. Chances are John Cena is doing just fine. Who knows maybe his senses have eased up and finally he will decide to put a ring on a lucky woman's dainty finger. Until then we can all count him to provide us with endless memes.

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