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Hillary Clinton Picks A Female Director For Her Biopic Hulu Series "Hillary"

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By Mario Perez

It just seems that no matter what around an election year the Clinton name shows up in one way or the other. With the new impeachment trials going on against President Donald Trump it was only natural that America would reminisce on the last impeachment scandal involving President Bill Clinton.

There is actually a show in development that is set to dramatize the events that lead to these impeachment trials. It seems as though Hillary Clinton is looking to get her own time in the spotlight by collaborating with Hulu on this new bio-series.

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What To Expect

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If the preview is any indication of what you can expect from the documentary, which obviously it should be, there are just not a lot of things that are going to be left off the table. That is one of the most interesting things about this type of cinema.

Sadly, more often than not public figures will allow a documentary to be shot of them only if it portrays them a certain way. It is all pointing to the fact that this could be a very eye-opening documentary on the Clinton's in their own words.

Why Pick A Female Director

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This just seemed like the easy and obvious choice for Hillary. She has always been about pushing women's rights. She was one of the people that heavily criticized the Academy, for not nominating any women for this year's best director award. Even when there were movies that were directed by women that did actually receive other Oscar nominations.

Other than that, it safe to say that Hillary would have had to feel comfortable speaking director Nanette Burstein. The documentary is based upon hours and hours of interviews. It would not have been possible if this was not a process that she enjoyed.

Who is Nanette Burstein?

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If you don't know who Nanette Burstein is it is probably because you don't watch many documentaries. It is not like Hillary Clinton just went out and picked any woman director. Nanette Burstein has been nominated for an academy award precisely for "Best Documentary Feature" for her documentary "On The Ropes"

At the time to see a woman doing a film about boxing which was certainly thought of more as a man's sport. That was something fairly new. She has continued doing decent work and it safe to say she hopes "Hillary" will get her back on top of her field.

Which Show Is Going To Be Better?

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If you are keen on watching the Clinton's in the upcoming months you are going to have your fair share of chances to do so. With the show and the documentary both centering around their lives. As far as which one is going to be better it really depends on the type of entertainment you are looking for.

If you want to see a dramatized affair play out in a series go for the impeachment show. If you want to know what those emails were all about you may want to get a Hulu account.

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