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Aaron Hernandez's Ex-Fiancee Breaks Down In Interview Over His Sexuality

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By kenadijiba

Just today Shayanna Jenkins the loyal ex fiancee of rising NFL star Aaron Hernandez gave a solemn as well as emotionally fixating interview on his death. The story behind their relationship is one of simple romance. Growing up together and falling in love builds a teflon like trust that can never be broken. Although many women in Shayanna’s position would probably denounce and defame the memory of their ex partner based on them being convicted of murder as well as confusion surrounding sexuality, Shayanna still holds strong confidence in the innocence of her high school sweetheart.

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Background On The NFL Star

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To offer a quick stop analysis on this case for anyone who is unaware but interested, Aaron Hernandez in his day was a bright fresh faced star in the NFL. His charisma as well as natural born talent had thousands of fans excited about his future career in this all american pastime. Interestingly enough with the world at his fingertips Aaron began to dive into not so mutually beneficial relationships with drug dealers and trouble makers. Eventually, Hernandez was charged and convicted for the murder of football player Odin Lloyd who he knew fairly well and was comfortable enough around to let into his home.

The Beginning Of The End


When the news broke of such a beloved American football player being charged with murder, the response was one of chaos. People were genuinely enraged but also divided. Some die-hard fans didn't believe the accusations and mounted with support for Hernandez. Others were so filled with disappointment that they ultimately decided to return his jersey out of respect for Odin Lloyd. The media frenzy that followed before the trial and during was grand. Various testimonies on behalf of Aaron and against him had thousands on the edge of their seats.

His Legacy

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After Hernandez was formally charged with murder for the case of Odin Lloyd, he had another trial pending. During the first trial, it was fascinating as well as gut-wrenching to view the intensity of separation between the two sisters Shayanna Jenkins, and Shaneah Jenkins. In a Shakespearean type of tale heartbreakingly Odin Lloyd was actually in a committed relationship with Shayanna’s sister. When taking the time to watch the footage of both sisters on opposite sides of the courtroom it is unimaginable the personal turmoil each one has had to face.

Netflix A Buzz

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Now, with Netflix a buzz and people talking the desire to know Shayanna’s side of things has eclipsed. Today she expressed with streams falling down her face how deeply the documentary has affected her and will eventually makes it way to her daughter. The issues surrounding Hernandez’s sexuality have been especially sensationalized in the media. Shayanna’s response to that was deep sympathy for her ex-fiance. Her desire to have known the truth about his sexuality in order to comfort him was beautiful. Her lack of judgment towards him seeps of continuous unconditional love.

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