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Several Times Ellen Pompeo Dragged People Online

Gettyimages | Michael Tran
By Stephanie Elmir

Ellen Pompeo plays a forthright and compassionate doctor on "Grey's Anatomy", and she's similar to that character in real life. As the third highest-paid actress on television, Pompeo takes her platform and voice seriously, calling attention to injustice and demanding change.

Whether it be on Twitter or IRL, Pompeo does her best to start discussions on morality, ethics, diversity, and inclusion. Moreover, she's an advocate for women, sending them the strength to request raises and value themselves in any workplace environment.

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This week, Pompeo called out TMZ for their inconsiderate and insidious release of Kobe Bryant's death before the Bryant family was informed by police. Vanessa Bryant and her surviving daughters were not informed, yet that basketball player's helicopter had crashed.

Pompeo criticized their unethical procedures, valuing the dollar worth rather than the well being of the Bryant family. Moreover, questioning why police would give such sensitive information to the likes of TMZ owner Harvey Levin. He's also been exploitative of women and abuse victims.


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At a roundtable with actresses Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez, and Emma Roberts, Pompeo called out Net-A-Porter magazine for its lack of diversity. Pompeo related that she hadn't seen enough color in the room beside the two actresses of color, nor variety in shape and size.

She said she was having a wonderful time, but lately was having discussions on how she wants set demographics to look like the real world does. Especially since she has two biracial children who benefit from diversity.

America's Got Talent

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Pompeo also recently called out "America's Got Talent" and NBC for their toxic environment, firing Gabrielle Union for her complaints against the show's culture.

AGT would often give her notes on wardrobe and hair, pushing her to present less African-American. Moreover, there were unsavory incidents. One where comedian Jay Leno called dogs a Koren food menu, the other a participant who used black hand paint to impersonate Beyonce.

Pompeo tweeted her support, saying white women need to learn to support black women in hostile environments.

Bachelor Creator

Giphy | Live Kelly and Ryan

Pompeo has had issues before with "The Bachelor", specifically its lack of diversity in contestants. In this instance, Pompeo targeted the show's creator Mike Fleiss for insulting Kelly Ripa after she critiqued it. Ripa said she's disgusted by incredible women fighting over one man, and that they're better than the show.

Fleiss shut her down by suggesting his show pays for her salary. To that, Pompeo responded that he does not pay for Ripa's salary, nor should he be taking credit for her success.

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