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Why Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Skip the Grammy Awards?

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Megan Prevost

Award shows have been steadily declining in quality recently, and the Grammys have been on a similar slippery slope.

However, the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards that aired this past Sunday, were one of the better shows in a while.

Most of this can be attributed to Alicia Keyes and the wonderful job that she did hosting the show. Even after learning a few hours prior that Kobe Bryant had passed away, she did a great job keeping the mood light and happy.

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However, while the awards were better than usual, there were a few key faces missing from the audience. Especially crowd favorite Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez was absent from the ceremony, along with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The two always attend events together, so it was almost strange that they weren't there.

The two have already been seen at two award shows earlier this month, the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guilt Awards. Maybe they were just tired of Award shows at this point.

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Just after the Golden Globes, Alex Rodriguez posted a sweet message to Jennifer Lopez on Instagram.

The caption read,

"Jen, it doesn’t take a trophy, medal, or plaque to identify a true champion. To millions of young women who have watched you and have been inspired and empowered to do amazing things in their lives, you are a champion. For countless musicians, dancers, actresses, and performers who have seen and emulate your passion, drive and work ethic to find their own success, you are a champion. To your children, your family, your coaches, your staff, and your extended family, you are a champion. To everyone whose lives you enrich daily, you are a champion. And don’t you ever forget it."

Gettyimages | Vittorio Zunino Celotto

While there could be many reasons why Lopez didn't attend the Grammy awards, it's more than likely because of her busy schedule.

With two award shows in the bag for the month already, she was likely just over it in general. Besides, she wasn't even nominated for a Grammy.

Her Super Bowl performance is also set for next Sunday (February 2nd), so it's more than likely she was using this extra time to prepare for that exciting night. Surely the rehearsal time is intense.

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman/SHJ2019

The talented singer will be performing her first solo Super Bowl half time show next weekend, with a guest appearance from Shakira.

On CBS This Morning Lopez referred being asked to headline feeling like "winning an Oscar."

In the interview she said,

"It’s like winning the Oscar. It’s the biggest show that there is. It has the biggest audience. You get to have, like, this big production... You know, everything’s, like, budget conscious... And I think it’s just like a fantasy for all musical artists to be able to play the Super Bowl and have like that 12 minutes of an amazing show... There’s just something exhilarating about it."

We can't wait to see what Lopez has in store for us on February 2nd at the Super Bowl.

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