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Kim Kardashian and North West at event

These 4 Celebs Trademarked Their Children's Names And We Are Here For It!

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By Ona L

With the news that DJ Khaled has trademarked his newborn son Aalam’s name a mere 2 days after he was born. It got us thinking about all the other celebrities going out of their way to make sure that their kids will first, not be exploited and second, have the use of their own name for whatever their future holds. Celebs get a lot of criticism for some of the antics they pull but let’s be honest, they have been pushed to this point. If you were famous and named your child something unique would you trademark their name? These 4 celebs and many more have.

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The Beckhams

David Beckham with Kids and Nicola Peltz
Gettyimages | Darren Gerrish

Who Would have thought that Victoria Beckham and her Husband David Beckham would be the type to trademark their kid’s names? They are parents to 4 kids and their careers revolve around them as a brand. Chances are their kids who would like to capitalize on their own names at some point. The couple supposedly registered all 4 of their children’s names Romeo James, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Harper Seven with intellectual property authorities in both Europe and Britain. Victoria is very business savvy and fashion-forward so we can assume it was her idea to set her kid’s future up.

Chris Brown

Chris and Royalty Brown
Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

The mother of Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty, Nia Guzman decided it was a great idea to trademark her little girls name. Royalty is the first child for both parties and Guzman has been open about wanting to start a clothing line under her daughter’s name. In 2016, she trademarked Royalty’s name and soon after Guzman launched Royalty Brown Clothing Collection. At the time it had a t-shirt, a cartoon image of Royalty’s face and a few accessories. The site is currently still active and features a lot of new items including kid-friendly nail polish, striped pajamas and the cutest one-pieces.

Cardi B

Cardi B, Offset and daughter Kulture at event
Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez

Cardi B is a hustler at heart she lives and breathes it. No matter how much money she makes she will hopefully always have that mentality. So far it is still intact, and she is using it to set her daughter up. Fashion is a big deal for Cardi B, her sister Hennessey is an aspiring fashion designer and Offset just debuted a capsule collection at Paris Fashion Week. Now, it is Kulture’s turn. The couple trademarked their daughter's name way back in 2018 very soon after her birth which means, they probably did it for protection and stumbled upon some great opportunities.

Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Stormi at event
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

What would this list be without a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family on it? We all know that Stormi Webster is in a category of her own she is already classic, and she isn’t even talking in full sentences yet. In mid February of 2019, the papers were filed to trademark Stormi’s name and a few variations of the name. The filing stated that it would be in use makeup, skin care, nail polish, fragrances, beauty preparation products. Honestly, the list is endless. We all know this family is very serious about their names it is their brand after all. All the siblings have gone out of their way to give their kids unique names especially Kim who has also trademarked her children’s names.

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