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Kim Kardashian at a panel event

Did Kim Kardashian Wear Beyonce's Ivy Park Merch To Silence Fans Who Thought She Got Snubbed?

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Maurice Cassidy

A week before Beyonce launched her highly anticipated Ivy Park x Adidas collection on January 17, a number of capsule-sized orange boxes were sent to celebrities all over Hollywood, who was the first to get their hands on the fashionable pieces.

And while the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Rowland, and Janelle Monae were all quick to thank Beyonce for the kind gesture of sending them her latest line of apparel, social media savvy Kim Kardashian made no mention of having received anything from the fashion label.

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Fans Were Convinced Kim Was Snubbed


And as days went by, fans quickly came under the impression that Beyonce simply didn’t send an orange box to the reality star. That was until this week when Kim gushed about all of her Ivy Park clothes while flaunting her figure in one of the tracksuits.

But that wasn’t all — Kim made sure to let everyone know that she also received shirts, bodysuits, sneakers, and more from the collection. And her reasons for not having spoken out about the collection earlier was simply blamed on her hectic schedule.

Keeping Up With Bey and Kim's 'Friendship'


In a series of photos posted on her Instagram story, Kim Kardashian wrote: “Sorry I’m sooo late! Congrats @beyonce and @adidas on such a hugely successful launch. I love everything and can’t wait to wear it all!!”

Kim even modeled the collection with a handful of videos that soon followed, dispelling comments made from fans who thought Beyonce snubbed the reality star because they supposedly weren’t on friendly terms with one another.

It’s been rumored for years that Bey had taken an issue with Kanye West settling with Kim Kardashian, which many believed was the reason she and Jay Z had also decided not to attend the couple’s wedding in 2014.

Rest Assured That Kim Received Her Ivy Park Merch

Kim Kardashian at an event
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

The TV star’s husband, Kanye West, has also been vocal about Bey and Jay’s sudden absence from his life, particularly since their kids are never to have enjoyed a playdate together. Considering how Kanye has always looked at Jay Z as a brother, it would seem odd that both of their handful of children don’t know each other.

Speaking on the situation in 2017, Jay Z made it known that he didn’t like his family being brought up in one of Kanye’s rants — particularly because if there was an issue, he would have only been a phone call away to address it.

Is Jay Z And Kanye West's Feud At Fault?


“We’ve gotten past bigger issues, but you brought my family into it, now it’s a problem with me,” he explained. "That’s a real, real problem, And he knows it’s a problem. He knows that he crossed the line.”

It goes without saying, however, that Kim and Beyonce have always been friendly to one another in public, having seen each other on a number of occasions throughout the years. And while fans would like to believe that there’s a personal issue between the two, the mother-of-four made sure to to lay those rumours to rest — even if she was two weeks late.

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