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Kailyn Lowry poses in a t-shirt

'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Looks Gorgeous In Twinning 'Wolf Pack' With Boys For 'Baby News'

Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kailyn Lowry looked stunning in her most recent Instagram update, taking to the platform for a photo with all three of her sons. The "Teen Mom 2" star was flying the flag for family in more ways than one, though, taking to her caption to address the massive baby rumors that have been swirling around this year.

Fans have been convinced that Kailyn is pregnant with her fourth. Rumors began when a photo allegedly showing a text from Kailyn to Chris Lopez's aunt reportedly showed an ultrasound. Fans honed in on what appeared to be manicured nails appearing to belong to Kailyn.

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Kailyn's Photo – Twinning In 'Wolf Pack'

Kailyn Lowry enjoys a bowl of noodles
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

You can see Kailyn's gorgeous photo here.

The snap showed Kailyn indoors and on a couch with Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux. The blonde was looking relaxed and smiling as she cozied up with her three boys – all three were twinning in matching gray t-shirts with "Wolf Pack" written across them in yellow.

While the two older boys were focusing their attention on Kailyn's youngest son Lux, Kailyn herself was looking right at the camera and delivering her beautiful smile.

A caption encouraged fans to head over to Kailyn's bio.

"it’s finally time to share my baby news. Thank you for all your love and support," she wrote.

Is She Pregnant?

Kailyn Lowry poses in a black outfit
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Fans following the link in Kailyn's bio were redirected to Romper. Unfortunately, there was no pregnancy confirmation – then again, there was no denial, placing the rumor as still very much alive.

Romper had published a reminder of Kailyn's recent social media storm as she defended her decision to let 2-year-old son Lux wear diapers. The storm was sparked by a TikTok video showing the star's youngest son dancing in a diaper.

"I think you are one heck of a mom Kail but really???? Lux needs to be out of diapers," a fan had written.

Kailyn had clapped back.

"I'm not going to rush him into something based on someone else's standards. What works for us is waiting until he's ready. Not when IM ready," she wrote.

'Would Have Liked' Chris Lopez To Be Father Of Her Fourth

Kailyn Lowry poses on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

In 2019, Kailyn spoke to Us Weekly about possibly having a fourth.

“Ideally, I would have liked Chris to be the father of my next child,” she told the magazine, adding:

“Before I got pregnant with Lux and had multiple miscarriages, my doctor told me I should be thankful that I have two healthy boys and what’s meant to be will be. I kind of have that perspective now. In my book, I said that Lux will probably be my last child. I would definitely have more, but I also know that my life isn’t really set up for another right now.”

Focusing on Pothead Haircare

Kailyn Lowry holds a necklace
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn has more than just her "Teen Mom" gig. The MTV face is CEO of her popular Pothead haircare brand, with fans appearing to love both the products and the fact that Kailyn and the boys pop up in social media promos for the brand.

Kailyn revealed why she kicked off the CBD brand.

"Well, I love my hair and I get a ton of compliments on it. So I wanted to get into the hair industry and I thought that CBD oil would be perfect to set me apart from other products. There are a lot of benefits to CBD oil and I figured that this was it. CBD oil is really good for your scalp and it makes your hair nice, shiny, and healthy," she told Inked Mag.

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