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Amber Rose poses in a pink bodysuit

Amber Rose Revisits 'How To Be A Bad B*tch' Bikini Cover For New Opinion Call

Amber Rose/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Amber Rose has taken her Instagram followers on a trip down memory lane – with a twist. The model who welcomed her second child Slash Electric in October 2019 may be on cloud nine as she enjoys motherhood all over again, but the "Sl*twalk" founder hasn't lost her edge.

Amber took to Instagram on Monday with a photo of her "How To Be A Bad B*tch" book cover, adding a twist to her post by asking fans for some input – namely, whether she should be releasing a second version of the work with a motherhood/co-parenting spin.

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The Book Cover That Catches The Eye

Amber Rose poses in a bikini while pregnant
Amber Rose/Instagram

You can see Amber's photo here.

Amber's 2015-published "How To Be A Bad B*tch" didn't hold back with its cover. The Renaissance-style artwork featured a near-nude Amber clad in a barely-there gold bikini as she posed by ocean cliffs and holding a bow and arrow. With a painting finish and another nude individual lying below Amber (seemingly stabbed to death by her arrows), this was a cover that delivered feminine power as its message.

"Leave a 🔥 in the comments if you want a “How to be a Bad B*tch MOM/ COPARENTING EDITION” Book 👩‍👧‍👦," Amber captioned her post.

Fans Are Absolutely On-Board

Amber Rose poses in a red bodysuit and boots
Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt

Fans didn't take long to fill the comments section.

"Yessss 🔥🔥🔥 I’ll take 5!!!" one user wrote.

"This artwork is amazing," another fan said.

By and large, though, responses came as flame emoji – unsurprising given that the model had straight-up asked for them in her caption.

Amber herself has been making headlines of late, both for enjoying her second round of motherhood and for wasting no time in getting herself to the lipo clinic – Amber waited just six weeks after giving birth to Slash to get some full-body liposuction.

37 Pounds Lost From Post-Baby Lipo, But She Isn't The Girl She Used To Be

A pregnant Amber Rose and Alexander Edwards in the street
Gettyimages | BG005/Bauer-Griffin

Earlier this month, Amber took to Instagram to reveal that her post-baby weight loss has been going well. The star has lost 37 pounds, and she maintains that the lipo wasn't the only factor behind shedding the pounds. Amber's video came straight from a hardcore workout.

In December 2019, Amber spoke to VICE about the "sl*t-shaming" term.

"I think that 10 to 15 years ago it was just what life was and we just dealt with it and we didn't really talk about it. It wasn't really a thing. I do feel like now we talk about it. We bring it to the forefront on social media, and we have these difficult conversations," the star said.

'I Always Say That I'm A Former Sl*t-Shamer'

Amber Rose poses in a dress
Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

Amber was then asked if she ever imagined that she'd become an "icon" for the anti "sl*t-shaming" movement or for sex positivity.

"Absolutely not. I'll be honest with you: Around that time I was still trying to find myself. I feel like I was still slut-shaming girls. That was probably towards the end of that [behavior]. I always say that I'm a former slut-shamer," she replied, adding:

"I feel like society teaches women and girls that when you feel insecure about another woman, you slut-shame them."

For more from Amber, check out her Instagram.

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