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Michael Strahan looks incredible in this green button-down shirt with is thumbs up as he poses for the camera.

Michael Strahan Addresses Feud With Kelly Ripa After Cutting Her Off

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For four years now, Michael Strahan has left fans in shock after he quit his show with Kelly Ripa titled “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” He went on to begin a new job with another show known as “Good Morning America,” and fans wanted to know why he made the decision. Not only was his leaving dramatic, but it was also unexpected, and this has put a dent in his relationship with Ripa. That has to have been shocking and embarrassing for her.

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The former football player who decided to begin a career in television has come out to address the issue he has with Ripa and put an end to it once and for all. He also wants to make things clear about why he had to leave the show abruptly. According to the television personality, there were a lot of strangeness behind the scenes of the live show, and he was no comfortable with it. One of the things he specifically spoke about, was a rivalry.

Michael Strahan looks stunning at an Hollywood event as he rocks a deep blue suit with pant to match.
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Speaking to The New York Times, the former pro football player said that there was no way he could compare football rivalry to that of the television network. He mentioned that in the television told it was more difficult and there were a lot of things he could not put up with.

Although Strahan did not include Ripa’s name in his interview, he did say that he never felt like he was a part of the show and that downplayed a lot of things for him.

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“I don’t want to be on the show an feel like everyone else is carrying me. I want us all to be successful.” He said.

From the days of his football career, Strahan has always been a team player and me of the lessons he learned on the field is that it bout your team members, to may not have a successful game. This is why no one would blame the show host for wanting to feel wanted by the people he worked with.

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Strahan finding it difficult to work in a situation where he feels like people can do without him, may have been tiring for him, hence, his exit from the show.

However, while he spoke about his reason for leaving the show, he did not say anything about speaking with Kelly Ripa. Reports have alleged that the duo have not spoken to one another in a long time, and no one knows if this will be a long term thing. However, we are glad that they are both doing what they love best.

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