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Justin Bieber Just Made A 'Concerning' Appearance On Ellen

Gettyimages | Dave Kotinsky
By kenadijiba

Justin Bieber has finally made his return debut to the “Ellen” show. With his growth encapsulated in this highly nostalgic Degeneres time vault, people were very excited to witness an interview from one of the worlds most beloved superstars. Unfortunately as the montage throughout the years played in the background before Bieber came out on stage, it was clear that physically Justin is not where he used to be. Obviously, nobody is going to look the same nor maintain the exact energy they had when they were 21 years old. But, the absolutely drastic metamorphosis in not just how he presents himself but also the way he talks, and his level of nervousness had fans worried.

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The Contrast From Before To Now


Once Justin sat down in his chair he automatically started to twitch and his body language was stressed. This was a major contrast to his aura not even a few years ago. Some fans in the comments cited severe social anxiety. This could be the culprit and explain his movements, but the reasoning as to why it would not be anxiety is the undeniable proof of 27 plus times before that he attended the show without an issue. In those older videos, he was calm and composed and held an air of confidence. Another reason that might be responsible for his shocking presence would have to do with his diagnosis of Lyme Disease which has a profound effect on a person's health and mental stability.

A Repeat Of The "Purpose" Era


The profuse accusations of Bieber doing drugs has surprisingly been confirmed by him. So, any denial that this wasn't a staple in his life that changed him cannot be credited. Interestingly, Justin let it be known that as a young child growing up in a ruthless industry and getting accustomed to performing in front of thousands of people every night his dopamine levels were intrinsically altered. His experimentation with unknown substances as well, notably does destroy dopamine and doing this right in the midst of adolescence is sure to significantly modify anyone's brain. Not to mention the psychological repercussions that could aid in producing high levels of anxiety and possibly birthing dissociative disorders. Ultimately we all don't know completely what Justin has gone through. His journey has been well documented because of the power of social media, but there are so many things that have not been ventured into. The hope for Justin is that he can return and put on a fantastic tour that he can be proud of and gain back the validation that he is a great musician. But, if his health and mind arent solid we could get a frightening repeat of what happened during the “Purpose” era.

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