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What We Miss About Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Friendship

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Stephanie Elmir

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are the odd couple with sparkling chemistry, the duo kept audiences enraptured with their intimate moments from "A Star Is Born". Moreover, their press tour, junkets, and awards season illustrated how close the two got on set.

Some would call this romantic chemistry, but two years after "A Star Is Born" these two have not been an official couple. In fact, Gaga has been dating other persons, and Copper's busy co-parenting his daughter. But we miss seeing them together!

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"A Star Is Born"


Copper came over to Gaga's home to discuss "A Star Is Born" and from there the two knew they were kindred spirits. Moreover, Gaga had Copper sing for her and was delighted by how naturally good and raspy he was.

Both agreed that their immediate chemistry needed to be taken advantage of in the film. Copper portrayed an alcoholic musical genius while Gaga played his spunky and talented equal. Both outsiders and special in some way, they complemented each other.

Award Season

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Nothing was better than kicking back home and watching Cooper and Gaga sweep their awards season with elegance and joy. The two were visibly supportive and appreciative of each other, enjoying the journey together.

From Golden Globes to BAFTAS to Oscars, the two were an attractive pair. Of course, their performance of "In The Shallow" brought on many questions of their relationship, the two making heavy, loaded eye contact. Although fans wanted it to be romance, they're just actors who are good at their job.

Irina Shayk

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Speculation of romance between Cooper and Gaga kept fans and paparazzi wild for more information. It's unfortunate that Irina Shayk fell in the line of fire, at the time in a domestic partnership with Cooper. Shayk, of course, was also supportive and loving of Gaga, and vice versa.

The only thing that media circus brought to attention was her and Cooper's dying relationship. Now, Shayk and he are co-parenting their 2 year old daughter, and reflect fondly on their past love.

Will They Be Reunited?

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Cooper and Gaga have such good chemistry, Hollywood is bound to capture lightning in a bottle once more. In fact, the next "Guardians Of The Galaxy" installment will have Cooper's character Rocket fall in love with another raccoon creature, played by none other than Lady Gaga.

Although it's not a live-action love scene, it'll keep fans sated for a little while. Until then, everyone's gotta hold hope that Cooper's next big project has a cameo for Gaga to jump on.

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