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Ellen DeGeneres' Teary Tribute to Kobe Bryant: 'Life Is Short'

Gettyimages | Tibrina Hobson
By Alan Blake

Ellen DeGeneres took the opportunity during her daytime talk to remember basketball legend, Kobe Bryant. She thanked her audience for availing themselves as she went ahead to discuss life’s fragility. Ellen insisted on how she appreciated the audience being there on the very day, perhaps because she thought life is too short. Ellen noted that Sunday had coincidentally been the Grammy Awards day where she had been nominated, and still her birthday. However, the 62-year-old did not take home the award.

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Although it was a celebratory day, she admitted that they received Kobe’s tragic news, which, in a second, changed everything. She declared at the moment that she intended to talk about the tragedy. According to her, life seems to be quite short and fragile. People will never know how many more birthdays they have left to celebrate, thus no one needs to have a birthday to celebrate. She urged the audience to celebrate life, and tell someone they love them if they haven’t yet.

Ellen DeGeneres
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Amid tears, Ellen went on to ask her audience to call friends, text them, kiss them, hug them, and be kind to people. She finally thanked them and opened up that she loves each one of them. She also described herself as lucky for having a wife who loves her dearly, even without a Grammy Award, she joked. Her work crew, according to her, is lovely, and she counts herself lucky again to have them. She expressed her love for the team and finally turned to DJ tWitch to say she loves her. The DJ returned Ellen’s same words.


Ellen and tWitch had been at the backstage planning specifically for the day’s show. She revealed what she had told the DJ while there that they both would come out to fill the room with love since it’s what everyone deserves. The NBA star was also mourned by a close friend Dwyane had made his last appearance on Ellen’s show in April 2019. His wife, Vanessa, was then seven months pregnant with their now seven-month-old daughter, Capri. At the show, the NBA star revealed how happy he was expecting another little girl. He described them as ‘princesses’, and confessed to loving them.


According to the late basketballer, his wife had wanted a baby boy and had as he alleged piled pressure on him. She had always been telling him that he could do it, given that the male sperm determines the child’s sex, although the results proved he couldn’t. Vanessa had since given up on her hopes and went ahead to tell her husband they were done having more kids — Capri’s birth was her last. However, Kobe was not contented — he needed one more.

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